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Christians At War Over Christmas

war on christmasWell, it’s the holiday season again, and, of course, the sky is falling! The religious right-wing zealots are absolutely out of their minds with visions of Jesus dancing in their heads. After all, Christ is under attack, and Christians are being persecuted, and by God this is a Christian nation!

“Atheists” are aspiring to deconstruct the whole idea of Christmas and the Christmas tradition, don’t you know!

We seem to go through this every year, it seems. And, now, those who are creating the biggest stink over the use of “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” have been getting a little pushback from the more mainstream and rational Christians. That resistance to this ridiculous tirade has the zealots really pissed off.

One of the groups leading the pack of disgruntled Evangelical’s is the American Family Association, an extreme hate group who continuously spews its venom toward all things non-Christian, non-heterosexual, secular, and logical.

According to Right-Wing Watch, an article in this month’s AFA journal makes the following statement:

“… over the last couple of years, AFA has found itself being targeted – either implicitly or explicitly – by other Christians. Whether it’s from Rachel Held Evans on the evangelical left or Russell Moore on the evangelical right, some Christians have chided and condemned AFA’s pro-Christmas campaigns.”

Finally, it appears that the “Real Christians” are starting to speak out against the intolerance, bigotry, and outlandish behaviors of the extremists who have cast a very dark cloud over the whole of the Christian religion.

With that in mind, I will take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday Season or a very Merry Christmas. However you celebrate the season (or don’t) is fine with us at Crooked Crosses.





The Christian Abyss

Traveling into the deep abyss that is Christian Nationalism often warrants a long, hot, shower – and, sometimes, a good stiff drink. First of all, I have to issue a caveat – I am not “anti-Christian.” actually, I accept many of the teachings of Christianity, just as I accept many of the tenets of Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, etc. So, before the hate-group that comprises the radical religious right cult of Dominionism goes completely off the rails, gathers their army and demonstrates just how “un-Christian” they are, let me discourage you by saying that I won’t change your mind, I know that. What I might do, however, is persuade those sitting on the fences and thinking about drinking your Kool-Aid, not to look into the abyss, but to walk into the light.

As you parade with your signs, protest against progress, and scream “Take America Back,” calling yourselves “Patriots,” and cherry-picking Bible verses that have no basis in the true, liberal, love of the teachings of Jesus, the real patriots are striving to move America Forward. Here, we will point to your hypocrisy, expose your true agenda, and lay you bare for judgement.