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Family Policy Network – Dominionists At Work

FPNAccording to the Family Policy Network, they are a” socially-conservative Christian organization that works to inform Christians and confront the culture on the important moral issues of the day.”

Of course, the “buzz” phrase in all of that is “confront the culture,” because climbing the cultural mountains is what all dominionist seek to do with their Seven Mountains Mandate.

They list as their three primary issues, The Family, Biblical Morality, and Religious Liberties. All of these reek of Dominionist “code speak.” “The Family,” as they see it consists only of a husband, wife, and their offspring. “Biblical Morality,” means nothing less than strict adherence to Old Testament scripture which they claim condemns homosexuality and advocates a patriarchal union between men and women where the woman is subservient to the man. As far as “Religious Liberties,” they mean liberties for Christians and exclusion of all others. This sort of religious supremacy is rampant among dominionist cults. While they are the first to scream about “Sharia Law,” they fail to acknowledge that their Biblical bent is comparable.

The FPN lists its objectives as:

– Educating Christians on important moral issues in public and corporate policy(What they really mean is poisoning the well with Biblical laws on such issues as abortion, birth control, same-sex marriage, and homosexuality.)

Confronting the culture by lifting a standard of righteousness in the public square.(Again we see the Seven Mountains Mandate creeping into their dialogue. Dominion over the “public square” complete with a theocratic ideology is what they seek.)

FPN3– Raising awareness of the harmful effects of immorality on families and communities. (Conquering the family mountain is of the utmost importance. Interestingly, here they would be the morality police making policies dictating what is moral and what is not.)
– Dissuading companies from condoning and/or sponsoring immoral behavior

(Simply put, this group, along with dozens of others, believe that companies and corporations should discriminate against homosexuals, and that homosexuality is a basis for dismissal from employment. Additionally, they have been behind the push toward mandatory birth control coverage.)

– Promoting forgiveness and healing as an “alternative lifestyle” for people involved in the sin of homosexuality (Along with many other dominionist groups, the FPN believes in Reparative Therapy for homosexuals and that gays are a sinful and heinous group who must be reformed before they can be forgiven.)

– Supporting laws protecting families, religious liberties, decency and health (Again, we witness the deliberately innocuous code speak endemic to the Dominionist mindset. The ideas of  religious freedom, protecting families, decency and good health are important to everyone. The use of such buzz words and phrases has worked well in their recruitment activities.)

– Encouraging corporate and public support for honoring America’s Christian heritage (Dominioists are hell-bent on convincing the world that we are a Christian Nation and that we were founded as such. “Heritage” is yet another of those buzz words in their arsenal aplenty.)

– Defending Biblical Christianity as the only answer to life’s ultimate questions (The FPN isn’t even trying to camouflage their dominionist leanings with this one. The use of the word “only” demonstrates their intolerance of all other religions and teachings.

– Equipping and networking Christians together for the purpose of preserving society and advancing the Kingdom of God (Kingdom Theology, proselytizing, and recruiting are all instruments in the Dominionist tool chest. The preservation of society is simply another way of saying “taking dominion.”

– Maintaining Christian humility and integrity in all aspects of the organization’s endeavors. (This begs the question – what is “Christian” humility and integrity? It certainly is an implication that those other than Christians lack these attributes, or, at the very least, that “Christian” humility and integrity is superior to all others.)

The Family Policy Network claims that “Confrontation” is one of their “Strategic Priorities.” They describe this as:

FPN2Working to hold corporations and public officials accountable for actions, policies and statements that undermine traditional values in society, FPN utilizes news releases, Email alerts, media interviews and other venues to confront policies and proposals that would undermine religious liberties, traditional morality, and the value of human life. (Empahsis added)

Dominionists love the word “traditional,” considering it appealing to the masses and underestimating the populace. In a world that is striving for advancement and a forward direction, the Dominionist realizes that their brand of archaic and backward thinking is not as palatable to mainstream America as it used to be, they tend to reach out to those who are disenfranchised or lost with a promise of “Taking America Back.” They capitalize on nostalgia and the remembering of the “good old days” with words like “traditional” and “heritage.”

Knowing that one of the most precious things to most people is “human life” and that we must protect it, they use the term “value human life.” Of course we all do. However, this term, as used by them is directed toward the issue of abortion and a woman’s right to choose.

In response to the recent decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow gay youth into their rank and file, FPN President Joe Glover issued the following statement:

“The Boy Scouts of America should drop the phrase ‘to God’ and ‘morally straight’ from their oath, since they’ve decided to reject His standards of morality. The Bible clearly states homosexuality is a sin against God, and yet the Boy Scouts of America has decided to allow it.

“Parents should only place their children in the care of people who readily accept God’s definition of what it means to be ‘morally straight.’ Unfortunately, the leaders of the Boy Scouts of America have chosen a form of moral character that arrogantly rejects God’s written Word.”

For a look into the mindset of the FPN, one has only to look at their “Policy Papers” found here.

It is important to note that this organization, along with many, others exert an enormous amount of pressure upon our elected officials and policy makers to accept their ideas, ideologies, and policies and enact them into law. They wield a lot of influence in the halls of government and have made some major inroads into getting their people into offices of power. Also note that many of these organizations raise enormous sums of money and have many well-heeled foundations and individuals supporting their efforts.

Concerned Women For America

Concerned Women for America

By Nicole Nichols

Concerned Women for America (CWA) is a 501(c)(3) public policy women’s organization whose main goal is to promote biblical principles in our government and in our society. Started by Beverly LaHaye in the 1970’s, to counter Betty Friedan’s National Organization for Women and its bothersome feminist attempts to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, the group has grown into a powerful lobbying and policy making, and legislative action group.

Beverly LaHaye

Beverly LaHaye

Beverly LaHaye is the wife of Tim LaHaye, an evangelical minister and author. The soon to be eighty-seven year old Timothy has long been associated with religious extremism. Having been a close friend of Jerry Falwell and having sat on the board of the Moral Majority, he also helped establish the Institute for Creation Research.  He is best known as the author of the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fictional books that took the Christian right by storm in the 1990’s.

Beverly, also an octogenarian, is probably best known for her 1976 book “The Act of Marriage: The Beauty of Sexual Love.” She and Tim met while at the Bob Jones University which helps to explain her incredible bias and extremism. Her main objective in her activism appears to be making certain that America is governed by Christian principles that adhere to biblical values.

Much like Phyllis Schlafly, Beverly claims that women should not work outside of the home. Also, much like Schlafly, Beverly wasn’t much of a stay-at-home mom, herself. So much for practicing what you preach.

To understand the nature of  CWA it is essential to understand the founder and her beliefs. CWA’s core issues are abortion, heterosexual marriage, pornography, religious freedom, and national sovereignty. They are frequently involved in legal cases and legislative battles concerning these issues. They vehemently oppose any interference by the United Nations and advocate a complete withdrawal.

Beverly Lahaye claims that the organization was “built on the foundation of the word of God,” and that before anyone becomes politically active it is important that you understand that you are a sinner and deserve punishment in Hell.  To Beverly, feminists are “spiritual forces of darkness” and “abortion, pornography, premarital sex and homosexuality are schemes of the devil.”

Penny Nance

Penny Nance

The current President and CEO of CWA is Penny Young Nance, former advisor to the Federal Communications Commission on media and social issues.  Nance served as an advisor to the Federal Communication Commission on media and social issues where she provided outreach to Congress, public interest groups and the industry.

Prior to her position with the FCC, Nance was the founder and president of the Kids First Coalition which focuses on bringing various children’s issues to the attention of Congress, the media, and the public.

Additionally, Nance has been a consultant for Prison Fellowship Ministries, a prison ministry that was founded by the late Chuck Colson, and whose stated mission is:  “To mobilize and assist the Christian community in its ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims, and their families; and in the advancement of restorative justice.”

Prison Fellowship Ministries is a branch of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, a wholly dominionist organization seeking to push a biblical agenda into the halls of government and American life.

Janice Shaw Crouse

Janice Shaw Crouse

Janice Shaw Crouse is a cherished Senior Fellow at CWA, and a leader of the Beverly LaHaye Institute – an offshoot of CWA.  In the 1990’s Crouse was on the staff of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, a think tank supported largely by the Scaife, Bradley, and Olin Foundations. Also in the 1990’s she was a speechwriter for George H.W. Bush.

Crouse pens a weekly column for Townhall.com, the American Spectator, the Washington Times, the American Thinker, and Human Events, while serving on the Board of Advisors for the Christian Film and Television Commission.

Vehemently opposed to any sort of sex education in public schools, Crouse holds family and faith as the two most important roles of her moral compass. She maintains that “feminism rests on the fundamental misunderstanding of the origins of power.”  She rejects all alternative life-styles and stands firmly against same-gender marriage.

Shari Rendall

Shari Rendall

Shari Rendall is the Director of Legislation and Public Policy for CWA. In the 1990’s, Rendall worked as a Legislative Aide for Senator Bob Smith out of New Hampshire. Smith was a Republican turned Tax-Payer Party, turned Constitution Party politician. That tells us a lot about the molding of Shar’s political ideology.

She later worked as a year as a telefundraiser for the Republican National Committee until becoming the Manager of Government Relations and Ethics for the National Court Reporters Association, an influential lobbying group.

Mario DiazMario Diaz, Esq. is the Chief Legal Counsel for CWA. According to CWA: “Mr. Diaz is a Constitutional Law scholar who focuses on cases and legislation dealing with CWA’s core issues: religious liberty, sanctity of human life, family and marriage, pornography, education, and national sovereignty. He also directs CWA’s work on judicial nominations and judicial activism.

He writes regular columns for the Washington Times, Human Events, WorldNetDaily, and Townhall.com and has been a featured speaker at the well-known Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The CWA has four affiliate groups : Concerned Women Education and Legal Defense Foundation; Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC); the Beverly LaHaye Institute; and the Culture and Family Institute.

Concerned Women For America has anywhere between a half million and three-quarters of a million members and a very healthy budget. Conservative politicians covet any endorsement that they can get from CWA, understand that in order to receive that endorsement they must adhere to the ultra-conservative, Christian beliefs that are held by that organization.

Their Statement of Faith is, unequivocally Dominionist in nature:

  • We      believe the Bible to be the verbally inspired, inerrant Word of God and      the final authority on faith and practice.
  • We      believe Jesus Christ is the divine Son of God, was born of a virgin, lived      a sinless life, died a sacrificial death, rose bodily from the dead on the      third day and ascended into Heaven from where He will come again to      receive all believers unto Himself.
  • We      believe all men are fallen creations of Adam’s race and in need of      salvation by grace through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We      believe it is our duty to serve God to the best of our ability and to pray      for a moral and spiritual revival that will return this nation to the      traditional values upon which it was founded

In keeping with that statement, CWA’s their public policy advocacy is thusly diected:

  • Family      – “CWA believes that marriage consists of one man and one woman. We  seek to protect and support the Biblical design of marriage and the gift      of children.” CWA donated $409,000 in support of Proposition 8, which      banned same-sex marriage in the state of California. CWA also opposed the      1988 Act for Better Child Care (H.R. 3660), which would have provided      government-sponsored child care for families in which both parents are      working.
  • Sanctity of Human Life – “CWA supports the protection of all innocent human      life from conception until natural death. This includes the consequences      resulting from abortion.”
  • Education      – “CWA supports reform of public education by returning authority to      parents.” In 1983, CWA helped the plaintiff in the case Mozert v.      Hawkins County School Board, a district court case in which said      plaintiff believed it unconstitutional for said public school district to      require specific reading material for students.
  • Pornography      – “CWA endeavors to fight all pornography and obscenity.”
  • Religious      Liberty – “CWA supports the God-given rights of individuals in the      United States and other nations to pray, worship and express their beliefs      without fear of discrimination or persecution.”
  • National      Sovereignty – “CWA believes that neither the United Nations nor any      other international organization should have authority over the United      States in any area. We also believe the United States has the right and      duty to protect and secure our national borders

Additionally, the CWA supports abstinence only sex-education, and the teaching of Intelligent Design in school curriculum. They oppose abortion in all cases, as well as emergency contraception; pornography, obscenity, and indecency in media; mandating the HPV vaccine; same-gender marriage; hate crime legislation that includes sexual orientation; and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Because of their size and their influence, Concerned Women For America wields a very heavy hand in promoting right-wing extremism in this country. The have the ears of Congress as well as state level officials and the money and backing to make them very hard to ignore. They are but one more cog in the wheels of this freight train that is careening through America at breakneck speed and delivering a theocratic doctrine to our law-makers.

Concerned Women For America Membership

Concerned Women For America Membership