State Policy Makers

State Policy Network (SPN) is a web of right-wing “think tanks” in every state across the country. It is an $83 million right-wing empire as of the 2011 funding documents from SPN itself and each of its state “think tank” members. Although SPN’s member organizations claim to be nonpartisan and independent, the Center for Media and Democracy’s in-depth investigation, “EXPOSED: The State Policy Network — The Powerful Right-Wing Network Helping to Hijack State Politics and Government,” reveals that SPN and its member think tanks are major drivers of the right-wing, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)-backed corporate agenda in state houses nationwide, with deep ties to the Koch brothers and the national right-wing network of funders.”(

advance arkansasAdvance Arkansas Institute
Phone: 501-588-4245

From their website: “The Institute is a nonprofit research and educational organization committed to advancing public policy based on free markets, individual liberty, and limited, transparent government.”

They are directly related to the American Legislative Exchange Council and The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

alabama policy institute

Alabama Policy Institute Phone: (205) 870-9900 E-mail: Web:

From their website: ”

“Alabama Policy Institute (API) is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan, non-profit research and education organization dedicated to the preservation of free markets, limited government and strong families, which are indispensable to a prosperous society.

“Established in September 1989, API bases its pursuits on the founding fathers’ ideas of liberty and the equality of all people. These are the same ideas on which two of the greatest documents ever conceived by the mind of man are based-the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. The founding fathers knew that we are a nation of men and women created equal in the sight of God, and that our Creator endows every one of us with unalienable rights – rights for which we must take responsibility and be willing to defend.”

Alaska Policy Forum Phone: (907) 334-5853 E-mail: Web:

From their website: “We believe that individual freedom and private property are inextricably linked.

  • We believe that government should be limited, transparent and accountable.
  • We believe in responsible, sustainable development.
  • We believe that free markets offer better solutions than government planning.”

Arkansas Policy Foundation Phone: (501) 537-0825 E-mail: Web:

The Arkansas Policy Foundation is a right-wing pressure group based in Little Rock.

From their website: “The Foundation emphasizes the importance of tax policy and education reform.

“Principles of tax policy: Arkansas would benefit from comprehensive, pro-growth reform; Arkansans are not under-taxed; taxes and rates do matter to entrepreneurs; dynamic scoring of tax changes and effects provides benefits.

“Education reform: The Foundation seeks intellectual honesty and complete openness in reporting the lack of academic progress in Arkansas’ school system.”

Beacon Center of Tennessee Phone: (615) 383-6431 E-mail: Web:

Formerly the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, the Beacon Center is now a right-wing think tank based in Nashville. They claim to receive private donations, however, two sources have come to light – the Cato Institute and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

“TCPR formerly operated a website called “Carnival of Climate Change” that described itself as “a skeptical look at climate change alarmism” and was largely an aggregation of online content from climate-change deniers and skeptics. In 2009, the website, which Drew Johnson described as a “side project” of TCPR, led Mother Jones magazine to name TCPR to a list of “The Dirty Dozen of Climate Change Denial.” (

Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions Phone: (270) 782-2140 E-mail: Web:

According to

“Using its website, BIPPS promotes the founding ideas of liberty, free markets, limited government and secure property rights as the basis for the future of public policy in Kentucky.

In many cases the credentials or experiential background of BIPPS content contributors is unknown; and some policy documents have been created by individuals with no direct experience in the field they are critiquing. The site promotes business oriented, anti-labor positions; politically the Institute claims neutrality but the content contributors overwhelming express Republican or Libertarian political interests and issues.”

The Bluegrass Institute sponsored model legislation that was supported by the ALEC Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force.

Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions Phone: (614) 224-4422 E-mail: Web:

The organization’s stated mission is to promote individual liberty, economic freedom, personal responsibility and limited government in Ohio. It is a conservative public policy think-tank based in Columbus, Ohio.

The institute’s Center for Education Excellence produces reports and research that promote a market-based approach to education, including vouchers and charter schools,  and a resolution to the state’s years-old education funding debate. (

Caesar Rodney Institute Phone: (302) 734-2700 E-mail: Web:

Caesar Rodney Institute is a pressure group located in Delaware. According to their website, their mission is “to influence public policy in Delaware by helping every Delawarean understand and put into practice the fundamentals of a free society: individual initiative, personal responsibility, private property, voluntary agreements, informed choice, the rule of law, and strong local communities.”

According to the Bridge Project, which focuses on transparency in conservative financing:

“CRI  is  not required  to  disclose  its  donors  to  the  public, and  does  not do  so  voluntarily. The  two  known  CRI  donors, though, are  both  secretive  right-wing  organizations  based  in  Virginia. In  just  the  two  years  of  2009  and  2010, CRI  received $352,500 from  the  Koch-funded  Donors  Capital  Fund – representing  61%  of  CRI’s  total  funding  in  those  two  years. Donors  Capital  Fund, known  as  the  “dark  money  ATM  of  the  conservative  movement,” keeps  its  own  funders anonymous, therefore  adding  another  layer  of  secrecy. The  only  other  known CRI  funder  is the  State  Policy  Network (also a Koch-funded  non-profit), which  funneled  $66,000 to  the  institute  between  2008  and  2010.”

As would be expected, their agenda is said to be:

Defund and privatize Delaware’s public schools with vouchers and charter schools

Oppose prevailing and minimum wage laws

Block access to affordable healthcare for Delaware families
Oppose efforts to lower tobacco use
Oppose renewable energy and repeal pollution protections
Support the “Ryan budget” which would privatize Medicare and Social Security
Oppose workers’ collective bargaining rights, and push anti-worker legislation such as so-called right to work and paycheck deception
Lower corporate taxes

Calvert Institute for Policy Research Phone: (410) 752-5887 E-mail: Web:

The Calvert Institute for Policy Research, located in Maryland, claims to be “an independent, non-partisan public policy research institution committed to generating new ideas based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government and personal responsibility.”

Demonstrating the movement that has been taking place over the last three decades, and the implementing of their agenda, this was taken from their website: “The growth of state-based, public-policy institutions  (PPIs) over the past few years has been great. From a handful of early  organizations, an aggressive movement has grown. Active state PPIs have  been established in over 30 states. Until now, Maryland has not been one  of them.

“These PPIs have become important vehicles for providing reasoned  analysis of state public policy. They enable individuals to coalesce  around a core set of informed beliefs. More than that, they provide  ideas that are specific to the circumstances of the state. How often  have state activists received some public-policy document published by a  Beltway advocacy group in Washington and found it to be less than  relevant to their policy circumstances? A state “think-tank” with a  primary audience narrower than that of the national groups can focus on  problems particular to Maryland.”

Cascade Policy Institute Phone: (503) 242-0900 E-mail: Web:

Cascade Policy Institute is a right-wing think tank in Portland, Oregon. Their stated mission is,  “to develop and promote public policy alternatives that foster individual liberty, personal responsibility and economic opportunity.”

From “At least one Cascade Policy Institute critic points out that the particular formulations of “individual liberty, personal responsibility, and economic opportunity” promoted by the institute are similar or identical to agendas commonly favored among large business interests and wealthy individuals. Also noted is the apparent irony of how notions like “free markets and limited government,” as promoted by organizations like Cascade Policy Institute, often translate into support for “billions in pork-ridden expenditure, insurance mandates, heavy-handed central planning initiatives, property seizures…, metastatic bureaucracy at local, state and federal levels and massive expansions in law enforcement.”

Among their numerous issues, Cascade spends a lot of time and energy on the privatization of education.

Center of the American Experiment Phone: (612) 338-3605 E-mail: Web:


The Center of the American Experiment is a policy organization that was founded in 1990. Its founder and President is Michael Pearlstein, a former Reagan appointeeAnnette Meeks used to serve as its CEO. It has received grants from the Bradley Foundation and the John M. Olin Foundation.

Members include Linda Chavez, Steven F. Hayward, John H. Hinderaker, Mark Kennedy, Heather Mac Donald, Michael Novak, Marvin Olasky, Allen I. Olson, Tim Penny, Christina Hoff Sommers, Ken Starr, Shelby Steele, and Abigail Thernstrom.] Katherine Kersten is a Senior Fellow. Guests have also included Charles Krauthammer.

Certain unidentified “public documents” tied the Center of the American Experiment to funding the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative organization for which the Center has “a great deal of respect” (e.g., the Center finds ALEC’s “model legislation to be of the highest quality”). The Center has also campaigned for school vouchers. They also expressed concern about the raunchiness of television for children. They are opposed to affirmative action, especially in academia. They have been credited for playing a major role in empowering conservatives in Minnesota.

From their website: “Our efforts address both the big policy issues of the day and the tougher, more personal issues impacting the heart and soul of our culture. Center of the American Experiment’s aim is nothing less than shifting Minnesota’s intellectual and political center of gravity to the right by focusing on time-tested principles of free enterprise, limited government, ordered liberty, and traditional American values.”

Common Sense Institute Phone: (973) 927-9860 E-mail: Web:

According to their website: ”  The Institute’s mission is to explore and advance public policy alternatives that foster individual liberty, personal responsibility and economic opportunity.  Institute staff will pursue this mission by conducting timely research on important issues and then marketing the findings to elected leaders, the media, business leaders, community organizations, and individual citizens.”

Commonwealth Foundation Phone: (717) 671-1901 E-mail: Web:

From their website:

“The Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives, commonly known as the Commonwealth Foundation or CF, is Pennsylvania’s free-market think tank.

“Our mission is simple:  CF crafts free-market policies, convinces Pennsylvanians of their benefits, and counters attacks on liberty.

“We do this because of the vision CF has for our state, which is of a “state of freedom” in which all Pennsylvanians enjoy an abundance of opportunities to provide for themselves, their families, and their neighbors.”

Keystone Progress and the Center for Media and Democracy reported in November 2013 that Commonwealth Foundation is largely funded by anonymous donors via DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund.

Empire Center for New York State Policy Phone: (518) 434-3100 E-mail: Web:

The Empire Center is a conservative think-tank and pressure group for the State of New York. It is a project of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

According to Kurt Nimmo in a 2002 article featured in CounterPunch: “The Manhattan Institute concerns itself with such things as ‘welfare reform’ (dismantling social programs), ‘faith-based initiatives’ (blurring the distinction between church and state), and ‘education reform’ (destroying public education).”

Ethan Allen Institute Phone: (802) 695-1448 E-mail: Web:

The Ethan Allen Institute is a think-tank in Vermont. Their mission is, “to influence public policy in Vermont by helping its people to better understand and put into practice the fundamentals of a free society: individual liberty, private property, competitive free enterprise, limited government, strong local communities, personal responsibility, and expanded opportunity for human endeavor.”

They are heavily funded by the Cato Institute.

Foundation for Government Accountability Phone: 239-244-8808 E-mail: Web:

According to a 2013, report by Progress Florida and the Center for Media and Democracy: “FGA frequently brags about its influence in state politics and clearly has well-established ties with state legislators. In 2012, for example, FGA bragged that it had ‘engaged early on’ House and Senate sponsors of HB 1003, a proposal to create a new exemption from tangible personal property (TPP) taxes for businesses with less than $50,000 in business equipment, to successfully influence the legislation. According to FGA’s own post on its website, the organization had ‘regular discussions and meetings’ with the sponsors of the bill and the Governor’s office. However, FGA did not have a registered lobbyist in Florida in 2012. While a 501(c)(3) non-profit can engage in a limited amount of lobbying, it appears that FGA’s outreach to Florida legislators about changing Florida’s laws is not so limited. However, its federal tax filings for 2012 have not yet been made publicly available.”

A report submitted by the FGA was a contributing factor in Florida Governor Rick Scott’s defense of the controversial welfare drug-testing law.

From their website: “The Foundation for Government Accountability promotes better lives for individuals and families by equipping policymakers with principled strategies to replace failed health and welfare programs nationwide. Our core principles include transparency, private enterprise, individual liberty and limited, constitutional government. As an organization, we demand integrity, honesty, perseverance and personal accountability.”

They have very close ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council.


Freedom Foundation (formerly Evergreen Freedom Foundation) Phone: (360) 956-3482 x23 E-mail: Web:

The Freedom Foundation was formerly the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, and is a Libertarian think-think located in Olympia Washington.

According to

“The Evergreen Freedom Foundation was founded in 1991 as a private, non-profit public policy think tank in Washington State. Its efforts center around public policy research and alternatives in these core areas: state budget and tax policy, education, labor policy, property rights, legal policy, and citizenship and governance. The Evergreen Freedom Foundation is, according to the Seattle Times, a libertarian think tank, based in Olympia, Washington, founded by Bob Williams, a former state legislator and gubernatorial candidate.

“During Dino Rossi’s failed attempt to gain the Washington State governorship through a court challenge to the recount process, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation provided strong ideological support. It pushed a “Voter Integrity Project,” which focused on requiring voter ID to prevent voter fraud, and started a “Grassroots Washington” group.”

Some of their funding has come from the following groups:


Freedom Foundation of Minnesota Phone: (612) 354-2160 E-mail: Web:

They call themselves an “educational and research organization. Annette Meeks, former Deputy Chief of Staff for House Speaker Newt Gingrich, founded FFM in 2006 and currently serves as CEO.

Last year the FFM issued a report against increasing the minimum wage claiming that it would destroy Minnesota’s business climate.

Georgia Center for Opportunity Phone: (770) 242-0001 E-mail: Web:

Founded in 1990, the GCO was formerly the Georgia Family Education and Research Council. It underwent a name change in 2013.

On their website they as list their “Principles:”

Independence – Working across the political spectrum in a non-partisan, independent manner allows for fresh thinking, common vision and new forms of collaboration.
Evidence – Sound solutions require high-quality, empirical research that is objective and transparent. We base recommendations on the best available academic research, as well as the grassroots experience of those in business, non-profits, government and the general public.
Collaboration – Collaborating with vision-driven, effective organizations that share common goals is essential to building innovative solutions that produce results. We leverage best practices and share resources with partner organizations that consistently and effectively deliver change.
Responsibility – We build our solutions with the belief that individuals and communities have the primary responsibility for improving their lives and the lives of their neighbors.  Thriving communities are built by rewarding virtues that lead to liberty, self-sufficiency, and earned success.
Civil Society – The institutions of civil society—families, faith communities, civic organizations, charitable non-profits, businesses and local government—are best placed to address social problems. We utilize these valuable resources when developing and delivering solutions.
Stronger Families – Families are where future generations are raised to maturity and taught how to love, trust and live responsibly in community with others. Social solutions must be aimed at increasing the percentage of children born to married parents, stabilizing the family structure, and developing children who are prepared to create a strong family of their own.
Opportunity – The primary engines of opportunity—stable families, good schools and steady employment—have experienced a rapid decline. Our solutions focus on reversing this trend so that all children have a chance to succeed regardless of social or economic background.


Georgia Public Policy Foundation Phone: (404) 256-4050 E-mail: Web:

Based in Atlanta, the Foundation’s mission is “”to be the most respected and influential source of public policy research, analysis and education in Georgia.”

From their website: “good public policy is based upon fact, an understanding of sound economic principles and the core principles of our free enterprise system – economic freedom, limited government, personal responsibility, individual initiative, respect for private property and the rule of law.”

Grassroot Institute of Hawaii Phone: (808) 591-9193 E-mail: Web:

From “The stated purpose of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii is to improve the relationship between the government and the people with the objective of improving the effectiveness of the government, the business climate, and in some cases, tradition, to foster an atmosphere in Hawaii that results in maximum personal freedom for every individual.The mission of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii is to promote individual liberty, the free market, and limited, accountable government. Through research papers, policy briefings, commentaries and conferences, the Institute seeks to educate and inform Hawaii’s policymakers, news media and the general public.”


Great Plains Public Policy Institute Phone: (605) 334-9400 E-mail: Web:

Located in South Dakota, the GPPPI’s mission “is to formulate and promote free enterprise solutions to public policy problems based on the principles of individual responsibility, limited government, privatization and traditional American values.

They partner closely with the Heritage Foundation and are strong advocates for school choice in South Dakota. They list their “areas of interests” as follows:

South Dakota’s economic future, particularly the vitality and diversity of its competitive free-enterprise sector.

  • State and local regulatory and fiscal practices, taxation and spending.
  • The improvement of education for all South Dakota children.
  • The preservation of free, accountable, democratic government where public decisions are made at the level as close as possible to the people themselves.

And, they claim to be organized around these organizations:

around the following centers:

  • Center of Enterprise & Opportunity (CEO): To make recommendations for eliminating governmental, regulatory and political barriers to entrepreneurial initiative and free trade.
  • Center for Environmental & Regulatory Reform (CERR): To promote the approach to environmental issues that emphasizes markets, property rights and individual incentives as a strategy for safeguarding the environment.
  • Center for Education Reform (CEF): To explore and promote education reform strategies.


Idaho Freedom Foundation Phone: (208) 258-2280 E-mail: Web:

The IFF is located in Boise, Idaho and calls itself a “free-market research organization.” They have come under fire recently for violating their tax-exempt status through their lobbying activities.

According to a entry: ”

“The IFF has ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) through its Executive Director, Wayne Hoffman. In an article on the foundation’s website entitled, “ALEC Helps Promote Good Public Policy,” Hoffman states, “ALEC has been an invaluable resource and friend to me and the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Few people know how often I have asked ALEC’s staff for help battling big-government ideas, including the federal health care takeover and the imposition of confiscatory tax polices. And it has always responded. . . . I’m grateful for ALEC, and you should be, too.”.

“Furthermore, according to the groups’ publication the Idaho Reporter, the IFF sponsored a trip to Boise for John Graham of the Pacific Research Institute and Christie Herrera, director of the ALEC Health and Human Services Task Force, to meet with Idaho lawmakers to discuss health care policy.”

Illinois Policy Institute Phone: (312) 346-5700 E-mail: Web:



Independence Institute Phone: (303) 279-6536 E-mail: Web:

Indiana Policy Review Foundation Phone: (260) 417-4094 E-mail: Web:

James Madison Institute Phone: (850) 386-3131 E-mail: Web:

John Locke Foundation Phone: (919) 828-3876 E-mail: Web:

John William Pope Civitas Institute Phone: (919) 834-2099 E-mail: Web:

Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy Phone: (603) 224-4450 E-mail: Web:

Kansas Policy Institute Phone: (316) 634-0218 E-mail: Web:

Libertas Institute E-mail: Web:

MacIver Institute for Public Policy Phone: (608) 588-6477 E-mail: Web:

Mackinac Center for Public Policy Phone: (989) 631-0900 E-mail: Web:

Maine Heritage Policy Center Phone: (207) 321-2550 E-mail: Web:

Maryland Public Policy Institute Phone: (240) 686-3510 E-mail: Web:

Mississippi Center for Public Policy Phone: (601) 969-1300 E-mail: Web:

Montana Policy Institute Phone: (406) 219-0508 E-mail: Web:

Nevada Policy Research Institute Phone: (702) 222-0642 E-mail: Web:

North Dakota Policy Council Phone: (701) 223-8155 E-mail: Web:

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs Phone: (405) 602-1667 E-mail: Web:

Opportunity Ohio Phone: 614-636-2663 E-mail: Web:

Pacific Research Institute Phone: (415) 989-0833 E-mail: Web:

Palmetto Policy Forum Phone: (803) 708-0673 E-mail: Web:

Pelican Institute for Public Policy Phone: (504) 267-9404 E-mail: Web:

Pioneer Institute Phone: (617) 723-2277 E-mail: Web:

Platte Institute for Economic Research Phone: (402) 452-3737 E-mail: Web:

Public Interest Institute Phone: (319) 385-3462 E-mail: Web:

Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia Phone: (304) 282-8249 E-mail:

Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity E-mail: Web:

Rio Grande Foundation Phone: (505) 264-6090 E-mail: Web:

Show-Me Institute Phone: (314) 454-0647 E-mail: Web:

South Carolina Policy Council Phone: (803) 779-5022 E-mail: Web:

Sutherland Institute Phone: (801) 355-1272 E-mail: Web:

Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute Phone: (512)474-6042 E-mail: Web:

Texas Public Policy Foundation Phone: (512) 472-2700 E-mail: Web:

Thomas Jefferson Institute Phone: (703) 440-9447 E-mail: Web:

Virginia Institute for Public Policy Phone: (703) 753-5900 E-mail: Web:

Washington Policy Center Phone: (206) 937-9691 E-mail: Web:

Wisconsin Policy Research Institute Phone: (262) 367-9940 E-mail: Web:

Wyoming Liberty Group Phone: (307) 632-7020 E-mail: Web:

Wyoming Policy Institute Phone: (307) 286-3411 E-mail: Web:

Yankee Institute for Public Policy Phone: (860) 282-0722 E-mail: Web:

SPN Associate Members

1851 Center for Constitutional Law

Accuracy In Media

Acton Institute

Advocates for Self-Government

Allegheny Institute for Public Policy

Alliance for School Choice

America’s Future Foundation

American Council of Trustees and Alumni

American Enterprise Institute

American Legislative Exchange Council

American Majority

American Principles Project

American Tradition Institute

Americans for Prosperity Foundation

Americans For Tax Reform

Atlantic Legal Foundation

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights

Bastiat Society

Bastiat Society of Charleston

Bastiat Society of Charlotte

Bastiat Society of Cleveland

Bastiat Society of Cleveland

Bastiat Society of Colorado Springs

Bastiat Society of Indianapolis

Bastiat Society of Portland

Bastiat Society of Sacramento

Bastiat Society of San Jose

Bastiat Society of St. Louis

Bastiat Society of Wichita

Bastiat Society of Wilmington

Beacon Hill Institute

Better Government Project

Capital Research Center

Cato Institute

Centennial Institute

Center for Competitive Politics

Center for Education Reform

Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens Council for Health Freedom

Citizens in Charge Foundation

Claremont Institute

Competitive Enterprise Institute

David Horowitz Freedom Center


Education Action Group Foundation

Foundation for Economic Education

Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability

Foundation for Excellence in Education

Foundation for Self-Government

Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity

Fraser Institute

Free State Foundation

Free to Choose Network


Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

Frontier Lab

Fund for American Studies

Galen Institute  Inc.

Goldwater Institute

Headspring Group

Heartland Institute

Heritage Foundation

Independent Institute

Independent Women’s Forum

Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University

Institute for Justice

Institute for Policy Innovation

Institute for Truth in Accounting

Intellectual Takeout

Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Jesse Helms Center

John William Pope Center for Higher Education

Judicial Watch Inc.

Just Facts

Leadership Institute

Leadership Program of the Rockies

Limited Government Forum

Louisiana Family Forum

Lucy Burns Institute

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

Mercatus Center at George Mason University

Moving Picture Institute

National Center for Policy Analysis

National Center for Public Policy Research

National Legal and Policy Center

National Review Institute

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation

National Taxpayers Union

National Taxpayers Union Foundation

New Jersey Family Policy Council

North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law

Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation

Pacific Legal Foundation

Prometheus Institute

R Street Institute

Reason Foundation

Regular Folks United

Sam Adams Alliance

Small Business Hawaii

South Carolinians for Responsible Government

Spark Freedom

State Budget Solutions

Steamboat Institute

Students For Liberty

Tax Foundation

The Liberty Foundation of America

Thomas B. Fordham Foundation

Tuerck Foundation for the Study of Economics, Law and the Humanities

Utah Taxpayers Foundation

Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, Inc.

Young America’s Foundation

Youth Entrepreneurs

Other Organizations

ACCF Center for Policy Research

Accuracy in Academia

Adams Report

Alliance Defense Fund

Alliance for Choice in Education

Alliance for Maine’s Future

America’s Future

American Association of Small Property Owners

American Center for Law and Justice

American Conservative Union

American Council on Science & Health

American Dream Coalition

American Institute for Full Employment

American Land Rights Association

American Majority

Americans for Fair Taxation

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine

Americans for Limited Government Foundation

Americans for Prosperity – Arizona

Americans for Prosperity – Colorado

Americans for Prosperity – Georgia

Americans for Prosperity – Illinois

Americans for Prosperity – Michigan

Americans for Prosperity – Missouri

Americans for Prosperity – NC

Americans for Prosperity – NJ

Americans for Prosperity – North Dakota

Americans for Prosperity – Oklahoma

Americans for Prosperity – South Carolina

Americans for Prosperity – South Dakota

Americans for Prosperity – Texas

Americans for Prosperity – Topeka, Kansas

Americans for Prosperity – Virginia

Americans for Prosperity – Wichita, Kansas

Americans for Prosperity- Wisconsin

Americans United for Life

Association of American Educators

Bill of Rights Institute

Black Alliance for Educational Options

Broad Foundation

Building Excellent Schools

California Common Sense


Center for Civic Renewal

Center for Individual Freedom

Center for Union Facts

Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation

Christian Coalition of Alabama

Citizen Outreach Foundation

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Citizens Equal Rights Alliance

Citizens for Limited Taxation

Civitas Institute

Civitas Institute

Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

Club for Growth

Concerned Women for America

Congressional Institute

Consumers for Health Care Choices

Cornerstone Policy Research

DC Progress

DCI Group Inc.

Eagle Forum

Educate New Mexico

Education Advancement Fund International

Education Liberty Watch

Ethics and Public Policy Center

Excellent Education for Everyone

Family Action Council of Tennessee

Family Research Council

Federalist Society

Florida TaxWatch

Foundation for Free Enterprise

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Foundation for Research on Economics & the Environment

Freedom Works – California

Freedom Works – Colorado

Freedom Works – Florida

Freedom Works – Michigan

Freedom Works – North Carolina

Freedom Works – Oklahoma

Freedom Works – Oregon

Freedom Works – Texas

Freedom Works – Washington State

Freedom Works – Wisconsin

Future of Freedom Foundation

Houston Property Rights Association

Indiana Family Institute

Innosight Institute

Institute for Health Freedom

Institute of the North

Iowa Taxpayer Association

John Jay Institute

Justice Foundation

Kansas Taxpayers Network

Landmark Legal Foundation

Let Freedom Ring

Lexington Institute

Liberty Fund

Liberty Institute

Liberty on the Rocks

Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc.

Lincoln Legal Foundation

MacIver Institute for Public Policy

MacIver Institute for Public Policy

MacIver Institute for Public Policy

Maryland Taxpayers Association  Inc.

Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA)

Montana Taxpayers Association

Mountain States Legal Foundation

National Institute for Labor Relations Research

National Tax Limitation Committee

National Taxpayers United-Illinois

Nebraska Tax Research Council

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom

Nevada Taxpayers Association

Open Government Institute of California

Oregonians in Action

Parents In Charge Foundation

Pennsylvania Leadership Conference

Performance Institute

Philanthropy Roundtable

Property & Environment Research Center

Property Rights Foundation of America  Inc.

Public Policy Institute of New York

Public Service Research Foundation


Religious Freedom Coalition

Research Institute for Hawaii

Rocky Mountain Foundation

Sagamore Institute for Policy Research

San Diego Institute for Policy Research

Searle Freedom Trust

Southeastern Legal Foundation

State Policy Network

State Policy Network and Institute for Humane Studies

State Policy Network and Institute for Humane Studies

Students in Free Enterprise

Susan B. Anthony List

Tax Foundation of Hawaii

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Taxpayer’s Federation of Illinois

Taxpayers Network Incorporated

Teach NYS

Tennessee for Tax Reform

Tennessee Tax Revolt

Tennessee Taxpayers Association

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

The Atlas Society

The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College

The Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism

Victims of the Endangered Species Act (VESA)

We the People Foundation

Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance

Wyoming Heritage Foundation

Young America’s Foundation – California

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