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In their quest to “harvest souls,” – that’s what they call it – the Dominionists have mastered the art of branding and marketing. They have, during the last two decades, become quite efficient at using the internet, and all forms of media to capture the hearts and minds of the American, and often, the worldwide, public.

The use of television and video has become a standard tool in the well-funded war chest of the evangelicals, and the dominionists. They have also realized the worth of programming shows which appeal to all sectors of society. What once was a haven and shining moment for the theatrical televangelist has now become a multi-million dollar business for those whose sole purpose is power and theocracy. Below is a list of some of the major outlets devoting their energy to just that through the medium of television, film, and video.

CTNChristian Television Network – “On October 24, 1979, Florida’s first Christian television station signed on the air. Soon more stations were added and thus was born the Christian Television Network. CTN provides unique, wholesome, award winning programming for the entire family, now reaching a potential audience of over 15 million viewers. Our International satellite CTNi has the potential to reach 500 million people.”

DaystarDaystar Television Network – “Daystar Television Network has a singular goal; to reach souls with the good news of Jesus Christ. We seek out every available means of distribution to a world in need of hope. With an extensive blend of interdenominational and multi-cultural programming, Daystar is committed to producing and providing quality television that will reach our viewers, refresh their lives and renew their hearts.”

CBNChristian Broadcasting Network – “The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).  Not only was CBN the first Christian television station in Virginia, it was also the first in the nation.  Almost 50 years later, no one can dispute that CBN is one of the largest television ministries in the world.  Moreover, with its many subsidiary and affiliate organizations, CBN goes beyond the bounds of broadcasting in its mission to reach the world with a message of hope from the Bible.”

JCNJericho Christian Television – “Our ministry is dedicated to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ and to others called to serve Him. At thebattle of Jericho, Joshua faced a fortified city. But just as                   Joshua faced formidable walls and barriers at Jericho, Christian workers of the 21st century still face formidable barriers in carrying of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many places on this planet. Jericho Christian Television’s vision combines audio, video, and Internet in such ways as to meet the challenges of evangelism and teaching in the 21st century. Using the Internet,                   Jericho Christian Television is daily tearing down the barriers and walls; preaching the good news to the poor, binding up the brokenhearted, proclaiming freedom to the captives, and releasing the prisoners from the darkness.”

godtv“GOD TV – “With a servant’s heart we will equip His Body to reach the lost through media. This ministry exists to enable every television household to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may believe in Him, call upon His name, and be saved.

“Our vision is to recognise, source, create, package and present world class anointed, prophetic, supernatural content in a spirit of excellence across the globe into every nation, reconciling man, woman and child with God by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

sky angelSky Angel – “Our Vision: To provide a global communications platform as an instrument of unity to equip the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

“Our Mission: To build and operate a global communications system as the most effective means of assuring that the Gospel will penetrate every nation, culture and people.”

3angels3 Angels Broadcasting Network – “Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is a not-for-profit, 24-hour multimedia Christian ministry that reaches every inhabited continent with multi-lingual programming to bring glory to God.  3ABN provides Christ-centered programming that presents the everlasting gospel, calling people to worship our Creator God, and to come out of Babylon as per the 2nd angel’s message of Revelation 14.  Our focus (theme) is “Mending Broken People” through nurturing instruction in Bible truths, health, cooking, inspired music and children’s programming.  Our mission is threefold: By the power of the Holy Spirit, 1) to proclaim the Good News of Jesus’ soon return; 2) to counteract the counterfeit teachings regarding God’s Ten Commandment law of love; and 3) to help lead others to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that will last for eternity.”

Christian TVChristian.TV – “It is our mission and our passion to provide access to the Word of God in the modern world. We love God and we love people. Our main goal at Christian.TV is to get the Word out to as many listeners as possible, to provide a source of life-changing, faith-building messages for people who might not otherwise have the chance to hear them. We might come from multiple personal and professional backgrounds, but we all work together as laborers in the field, bringing in the harvest in order to share the fruits with the world.”

TCTTCT – “Ever growing, TCT is currently airing four channels and reaching over 60 million homes through satellite, multisystem cable services, on-air broadcast, mobile applications and the internet. TCT programming is live streaming 24/7 at Plus visitors to the website will find “Video on Demand” for convenience of their viewing schedules, streaming all four TCT channels, 24/7. TCT Mobile is a free application that allows you to take TCT with you wherever you are by iPhone/iPad and Android applications. Download yours today from iTunes or the Google Play Store and take TCT with you anywhere.”

TBNTrinity Broadcasting Network – “TBN is the world’s largest religious network and America’s most watched faith channel.

“Across America and around the world TBN iscarried by TV stations and cable systems to millions of homes. As a matter of fact, TBN is featured on over 5,000
television stations, over 70 satellites, the Internet and thousands of cable
systems around the world. And the number continues to grow!”

Morning StarMorning Star TV – Morning Star TV is a branch of Morning Star Ministries. The tag line of Morning Star Ministries is Your Place In the Harvest.

MorningStar Publications and Ministries is a diverse and expanding international ministry founded by Rick and Julie Joyner in 1985. It began with the biblical mandate of Matthew 24:45-46:

“Who then is the faithful and sensible slave whom his master put in charge of his household to give them their food at the proper time? Blessed is that slave whom his master finds so doing when he comes.

“To comply with this mandate, we seek to always serve the Master’s household, not be served by it. Our ministry motto is:

“We will not use people to build our ministry, but we use our ministry to build people.”

“One of the primary ways that we are called to do this is to provide the household of faith with the highest quality spiritual food that is timely, or “meat in due season.” Our goal is to help strengthen the church by helping believers become the strongest Christians possible, and therefore true light and salt in the earth. This is the focus around which every aspect of the ministry revolves.”

Doers“ is a free Christian TV Network online, with 24 hours 7 days a week live broadcasting, featuring Christian Reality TV programming.

“Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through free Internet TV programming for families, communities, and Christians worldwide.

“By operating as a free online TV network we are able to offer Christians everywhere free movies, sitcoms, reality TV, news, and more.

“We believe was created for doing television God’s way.  We have a purpose and desire to provide a television network promoting Biblical non-compromising Christian family values.

“The name, comes from James 1:22 of the Holy Bible, which reads: “But be ye doers of the Word and not just hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”  Therefore, our ultimate goal is to depict on film, Christians actually doing God’s Word in everyday life.

“The motive and aim of our programming is to encourage, inspire, and motivate our viewers to not only hear and see God’s Word in action, but to also practice doing God’s Word.”

Light SourceLight Source – “As a Christ-centered, for-profit corporation, we will create value for our customers, employees and shareholders by:

  • Bringing glory to God in all that we do;
  • Equipping people to grow in their faith and the practical application of it in their lives;
  • Enhancing fellowship, communication and relationship-building within the Christian community; and
  • Encouraging and enabling personal involvement in the care of those who are spiritually, emotionally, physically or financially poor.”

HayaTVHayaTV – “Alhayat TV also known as Life TV is an Arabic television channel, which airs to thousands of viewers in countries including in the Middle East, America, Canada, Australia and some of Europe It began airing in September 2003, largely from Egypt, Alhayat is evangelical in its aims, and explains in its Website Mission Statement that “Jesus Christ came to earth to destroy the works of the devil and his blood shed on the cross to redeem humanity and restore the broken relationship with God to come back” It can be viewed live from its official website.”


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