Mission America

Mission America is an American organization based in Columbus, Ohio, which describes its purpose as covering the “latest cultural and social trends in our country and what they might mean for Christians.”

Mission America was founded in 1995 by Linda Harvey. The organization’s major area of focus is opposition to homosexuality from a conservative Christian viewpoint, particularly as it relates to American youth. It also opposes what it sees as the influence of pagan and feminist spirituality, and provides a range of apologetics for Christianity. It also maintains an associated web site called “Truth at School,” that is aimed towards parents and students, as well as publishing a weekly e-newsletter.

The organization is an active participant in the “Day of Silence Walk-Out” effort, an initiative intended to oppose the “Day of Silence“.

The group’s “School Risk Audit” program, conducted jointly by Mission America, the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council, and other groups was launched in April 2006.] Its stated purpose is to assess what it sees as schools’ promotion of homosexuality, the criteria of which include anti-bullying programs that include acceptance of different sexual orientations, and non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation. The plan has received support from Exodus Mandate, a evangelical Christian group supporting home-schooling.

Mission America was designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.



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