Living Stones Ministries

From the Living Stones Ministries website:

Living Stones Ministries LIVING STONES MINISTRIES is a non-profit, Christ-centered, non-denominational organization dedicated to helping families with issues of homosexuality. We are here to bring healing, to give hope, to be a redemptive resource in families filled with hurt and shame.

          LIVING STONES MINISTRIES is a member ministry of Exodus International, a network of ministries around the world–“Proclaiming, educating, and impacting the world with the Biblical truth that freedom from homosexuality is possible when Jesus is Lord of one’s life.”

          LIVING STONES MINISTRIES takes its name from the Bible verse in I Peter 2:4-5: “As you come to Him, the living Stone—rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to Him—you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

Our Mission • Introduce individuals and families to the loving and saving power of Jesus Christ. • Proclaim the joy and fulfillment of a life lived in obedience to the teachings of God’s Word. • Provide safe places for individuals and families to openly share their grief and pain about homosexuality. • Develop and distribute educational and inspirational materials. • Educate churches, pastors, therapists and other organizations through seminars, presentations and conferences. • Offer spiritual counseling and referrals for psychological counseling. • Encourage the family of God to extend God’s love and compassion to the sexually and relationally broken…to be Christ to one another.
As Families, We Choose… To come into relationship with Jesus Christ and allow Him to teach us how to live as He did. To model our ministry after the life of Jesus, the Living Stone, whose whole focus was to do the will of the Father. To build the bridges of God’s grace to all people, so that others may come to know Him. To endure rejection as Jesus did, not allowing it to embitter us, but through it to bring glory to God. To believe in God’s sovereignty and His ability to turn all things to His good. To be a holy people, God’s instruments of righteousness in a fallen world. To live lives consistent with the teachings of God’s Holy Word.

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