Global Harvest Ministries

Global HarvestGlobal Harvest Ministries is a parachurch organisation committed to helping Christians contribute to the spread of the Gospel and Church planting around the world.

A “parachurch organization” is defined as follows:

Parachurch organizations are Christian faith-based organizations that work outside of and across denominations to engage in social welfare and evangelism, usually independent of church oversight. These bodies can be businesses, non-profit corporations, or private associations. Most parachurch organizations, at least those normally called parachurch, are Protestant and Evangelical. Some of these organizations cater to a defined spectrum among evangelical beliefs, but most are self-consciously interdenominational and many are ecumenical.

In Protestant and Catholic theology, parachurch organizations are termed sodality, as distinct from modality, which is the structure and organization of the local or universal church.
The World Prayer Center is an associate organisation that exists in the same building. The organisation was created by C. Peter Wagner.

Organizations of Global Harvest include Wagner Leadership Institute and the International Society of Deliverance Ministries.

Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI) is a ministry training institution offering bachelor, master’s and doctoral degrees in practical ministry.

The International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM) is a professional society of ministers and mental health professionals dedicated to inner healing and deliverance.

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