Cross Ministry

According to their website:

Cross Ministry“Cross Ministry is an equipping ministry.  We train people what to do and what not to do, what to say and what not to say. As followers of Christ Jesus and empowered by His Holy Spirit –  you (don’t look over your shoulder as if we are talking to someone else) yes, you have the ability to do what it takes in helping a family member or friend find freedom from same-sex attractions.  But you have “bought into” the false claim that only an expert or an ex-gay can help.  That’s unholy hogwash!”

This group is run by Tim Wilkins, a member of National Association for Research and Therapy on Homosexuality, and the Task Force on Ministry to Homosexuals.

According to his bio:

“Wilkins is the creator of the  conference MORE THAN WORDS which  focuses on walking (versus talking)  people out of homosexuality.  MORE  THAN WORDS has been conducted  across  the United States among various  denominations.  This one or multi day  conference addresses such topics  as If a Friend Says “I’m gay”,  Debunking the “Gay Gene”, “What’s a  Parent to Do?”, Untwisting “Gay  Theology”, Counseling the Homosexual,  Preventing Homosexuality, and A  Biblical Bridge Out of Homosexuality.   MORE THAN WORDS has gained  international attention. Of note, a  documentary film team from The  Netherlands flew to the United States to  videotape the conference and  interview Wilkins; this documentary has  been televised in The  Netherlands.”

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