Reverend T.J. Graham

Rev. T. J. Graham Nashville, Tenn. The Rev. T.J. Graham has a hard time staying off the subject of homosexuality. When he was interviewed by the Intelligence Report last September about an anti-immigration rally that he’d helped organize, Graham had trouble keeping his focus on the Mexicans at hand. Again and again, his contempt for homosexuals kept spilling into the conversation.

“A homosexual called in and said he was born that way,” Graham said at one point, referring to a caller to his WVOL-AM radio show. “You are not born that way. It’s a choice.” A little later, he added that if any Klansmen showed up at his rallies, he’d be “supportive” of their presence there.

After all, he said, “This affects their families, too.”

During last September’s anti-immigration rally, Graham launched into a tirade against a counter-demonstrator who had shouted at him angrily. His exchange with the bespectacled woman started out over immigration. But an enraged Graham began attacking her sexuality within seconds.

“You need to find out who God is!” the reverend shouted. “And God said man shall not lie with man as with woman, nor woman with woman, as a man!”

It was then that Heather Cross was joined by Andrew, her husband.

Rev. T. J. Graham


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