Rev. Keith Butler

Rev. Keith Butler

Rev. Keith Butler Detroit, Mich. The Rev. Keith Butler is the pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center, which has more than 22,000 members. Called “one of the Detroit area’s most outspoken opponents of homosexuality” by the Detroit Metro Times, Butler wrote in a 2003 Detroit Free Press editorial that “the gay lifestyle is based on a behavior choice that endangers family, children, and the core of society. …

The attempt to push this decadent lifestyle into mainstream society … is simply wrong.”

Ironically, Butler’s church has produced several gay pastors, such as the Rev. James Karl Jackson of Detroit.

A Republican since 1980, Butler served one term on the Detroit City Council before running for the U.S. Senate last fall. He said God handpicked him to clear out Democrats, who are “on the wrong side of Judeo-Christian issues.” But God apparently had other plans. Butler never made it past the primaries, losing to Republican sheriff Mike Bouchard.

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