C. Peter Wagner

wagner-peterC. Peter Wagner is a theologian who helped to found the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). He was the president of Global Harvest Ministries from 1993 to 2011, when he turned it over to Chuck D. Pierce. and is currently the chancellor emeritus of Wagner Leadership Institute, which serves to train leaders to join the NAR. At this point in time, C. Porter Wagner is the Vice President of Global Spheres, Inc.

Global Spheres, Inc is described by Chuck D. Pierce thusly:

“We established Global Spheres, Inc., a Texas based corporation, to develop new spheres of authority, new relationships, and a new structure for the harvest that is ripening. This is a time that the creativity in God’s leaders must be drawn forth in a new way so that we prosper in the midst of changing, chaotic, worldly wineskins. Peter, Doris and I knew that the Daniels, Esthers, Deborahs,
Hannahs, Josephs, Pauls, Lydias, Peters, and Johns for this age were to rise up, come together, and move into the formation of His Kingdom plan in the earth. We knew we needed a wineskin that would allow individuals from any number of backgrounds to align! This wineskin would need to include spheres for missions, teaching, deliverance, wealth transfer, apostleship, government, education, arts
and entertainment, family, media, science and technical development, to name a few. (This refers to the Seven Mountains Mandate)

“This will create a new Apostolic-Prophetic-Evangelistic-Deliverance Governmental Structure that will be ready to be used in the nations. This will be wineskin for the transformational thrust to “turn the world upside down in this era.”

Wagner coined the phrase, “Strategic Spiritual Warfare.” He claims that Spiritual Warfare has three levels: “Ground Level: Person-to-person, praying for each other’s personal needs. Occult Level: deals with demonic forces released through activities related to Satanism, witchcraft, astrology and many other forms of structured occultism. Strategic-Level or Cosmic-Level: To bind and bring down spiritual principalities and powers that rule over governments.” Strategic-level intercession” uses “spiritual mapping” and “tearing down strongholds” to engage in spiritual warfare against “territorial spirits”

The premise of Engaging the Enemy is that Satan and his demons are literally in the world, that Satan’s territorial spirit-demons may be identified by name, and that Christians are to engage in spiritual warfare with them.

4 responses to “C. Peter Wagner

  1. C.PETER Wagner. Otherwise, stellar work with your blog.


  2. The striking thing about Wagner is that he was a solid member of the mainstream evangelical establishment until he retired as Professor of Church Growth at Fuller Seminary in 2001. A Billy Graham protege, he’s been instrumental in the Lausanne Movement, and he was PhD adviser to Rick ” Purpose- Driven”: Warren.


  3. Thank you for the correction! I can’t believe I did that!!!


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