The 7 Mountains Mandate

Strange things are happening in the name of God, flag, and country. We have all been witness to the increase of Christian proselytizing and rhetoric that is being brought into the halls of Congress, our state houses, and our local governments of late. Pre 911 America has become a “new” place to live. The idea and ideals of Separation of Church and State are being constantly challenged, and in many instances circumvented. There is a reason for this beyond terrorist attacks and our penchant for isolationism. That reason is far more pernicious and dangerous than suicide bombers flying into our buildings.

Dominionist Theology is practiced by a far-right wing group of very powerful and forceful group of people who like to call themselves Christian, but in essence, have much more on their minds that practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ, thereby rendering those teachings unrecognizable through their interpretation of scripture. Unfortunately, they have duped an unsuspecting number of once mainstream  Christian into joining their heinous attack on American democracy, all the while seeking nothing less than a theocracy.

Dominionism isn’t necessarily new. Generally speaking, it has been around for a very long time, but those who were practising dominionists were largely marginalized and considered the fringe element – the zealots. However, they have gained much ground in this post-traumatic era of terrorism, and the agenda that has been in place for decades is finally starting to shape this nation into a complete antithesis to that intended.

Make no mistake – this brand of theology is malevolent, sinister, and malignant with far-reaching implications for our future, and indeed the world.

Briefly, Dominionism is characterized by a belief that Christians are mandated by God to control all segments of society (both in America and the World) through Biblical Law. Their ultimate, and lofty, goal is to eliminate Atheism, Secularism, pluralism, and all other religions. Believing that Christians are superior to all others, they even make a very firm distinction between being a Dominionist Christian and the “wrong kind” of Christian – which pertains to progressive and mainstream Christians.

Steve, at Left Hemisphere tells us that there are three overarching beliefs in Dominionism:

  1. Christian Nationalism: The belief that the Unites States of America is a Christian Nation and was founded as such. This whole “Separation of Church and State” concept is a trick by godless, liberal secularists. Probably Marxist Nazi Islamic Socialist Atheists.
  2. Christian Religious Supremacy: Obviously they do not hold other religions, or the lack thereof, in high regard. Christianity is the only true religion. The rest are evil, wicked ,and infected with demons sent by Satan to corrupt. This belief even extends to other sects of Christianity.
  3. Christian views on Biblical law should be reflected in or usurp secular, American laws: On a spectrum this could range from something fairly innocuous like a vague wish to return to 1950’s Americana to a complete theocracy, in which Biblical laws are carried out to the point where homosexuals and blasphemers are stoned to death.

 As part of this endeavour to impose a theocracy upon us, and eventually, the rest of the world, the Dominionist movement has determined that there are Seven Mountains of Culture which God has mandated that they take control of. Those mountains are: Religion; Arts & Entertainment; Media; Business; Government; Education; and Family.

Those 7 Mountains, known as the Seven Mountains Mandate or the 7M Mandate, are precisely what they want…and precisely where they are headed. They have made some major inroads in the last decade, and continue to scale each mountain at a surprisingly rapid pace. We only have to look at what has taken place after the 2010 elections which placed many Dominionists in Congress, in our state houses, and in local government seats. Thus began the war on women, gays, immigrants, etc. And, notice that the discriminatory laws that are being proffered and passed are being done so state by state. This is by their design and their plan.

If you don’t find all of this troubling enough – keep reading. Check out each mountain and see the headway that is being made and what we can expect if we continue to be conned, deceived, and hoodwinked by the charlatans whose appetites for power have breached all sense of morality.

4 responses to “The 7 Mountains Mandate

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  2. Seven Mountains dominionism comes straight from the heart of the evangelical parachurch movement. Here Colorado oilman Gilman Hill explains how he brought Campus Crusade founder (and Religious Right kingpin) Bill Bright and Youth with a Mission founder Loren Cunningham (now one of C Peter Wagner’s “apostles”) together to receive the Seven Mountains instructions … directly from the Lord.


  3. This is an excellent find! Thank you! I wonder if you happen to know where they were speaking? I need to do more research on this whole idea of “Market Place Ministries.”


  4. Nicole, you are welcome I recall this was near Mr. Hill’s home in the Denver suburbs. Aurora, Colorado, I think.
    Os Hillman, the main speaker on this program, is a leader of the Marketplace Ministry movement and aleading proponent of the Seven Mountains Mandate.
    Feel free to check out my FaceBook page.


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