Think Tanks

Think Tanks are also referred to as Policy Institutes. Most are non-profit, tax-exempt entities, yet much of the research and policy development is ideologically driven by the special interest of those who fund them.

Think tanks are generally funded by businesses, corporations, and major foundations as well as philanthropic individuals who have amassed vast amounts of money and have a passion for a particular issue. Rarely are the sizes of donations ever made public. As a matter of fact, there always appears to be a shroud of mystery surrounding these groups.

There are far more right-wing think tanks than there are on the left, and many of these are headed, staffed, and manned by some very influential individuals. It is also noteworthy, and somewhat astonishing, how many of these policy makers are from the Dominionist or Christian Nationalist culture.

Within these pages you will find information about the most powerful and elite think-tanks and individuals who are feverishly working toward a Theocratic government and empire.

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