National Council on Bible Curriculum in Publuc Schools

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The National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools is a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of its 300-page Bible curriculum, The Bible in History and Literature, in schools throughout the United States. It has been criticized as being inaccurate, and presenting biased promotion of a particular religious interpretation of the Bible as well as an unbalanced view of American history which promotes specific religious beliefs. The use of the curriculum has been challenged in lawsuits in two school districts, which have withdrawn the course as contravening the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.[1]

On August 1, 2005, Dr. Mark Chancey, professor of Biblical studies at Southern Methodist University, released a report through the Texas Freedom Network detailing his concerns about the scholarly quality of the curriculum. Chancey stated that the curriculum was improperly sectarian, and contained “shoddy research, factual errors and plagiarism.” In particular, Chancey wrote that the curriculum “uses a discredited urban legend that NASA has evidence that two days are missing in time, thus ‘confirming’ a biblical passage about the sun standing still [pages 116–17];” and that more than one-third of the curriculum’s 300 pages are reproduced word-for-word from uncredited sources such as Microsoft’s Encarta encyclopedia. Hundreds of Biblical scholars] at universities around the United States have signed on as endorsers of Chancey’s findings.[7]

The NCBCPS responded with an August 4 press release asking the public to “consider the source.” The release described the Texas Freedom Network as “a small group of far left, anti-religion extremists … desperate to ban one book – the Bible – from public schools.[8]

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, in an editorial published July 7, 2007, stated that “The folks at the National Council are right on one count: The Bible should be taught in public schools. But they shouldn’t be the ones to do it.” The editorial criticised the NCBCPS for not releasing the names of the authors of the curriculum and for “sloppy editing, factual errors and outright copying, word for word, from sources.” The Editorial Board noted that “The National Council is not the only option school districts have. A competing curriculum (The Bible and Its Influence) offered by the Bible Literacy Project, a non-profit group, has been vetted, accepted and praised by a wide range of scholars, critics and education officials.”

TIME Magazine, in the cover story of its April 2, 2007 issue, wrote that the curriculum is not “legally palatable … Its spokespeople claim it is refining itself as it goes and its most recent edition, which came out last month, eliminates much literalist bias—but still devotes 18 lines to the blatantly unscientific notion that the earth is only 6,000 years old.” By contrast, TIME stated that “[Public school Bible electives] should have a strong accompanying textbook on the model of (the Bible Literacy Project’s) The Bible and Its Influence.”[10]

By contrast, the textbook is promoted by the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, according to a March 29, 2007 NCBCPS press release, and by the Rev. John Hagee.

Listed as their Board of Directors:


Listed as their Endorsers:

  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President – American Alliance of Jews and Christians
  • Dr J Randall Price
  • Dr. H. Wayne House
  • Ron Jessup, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
  • Steven G. Hall, Ph.D., P.E., Louisiana State University
  • Linda Jeffrey – Ph.D. in Curriculum Development
  • Fay Latture – Ph.D. in Curriculum Development
  • Steven Hall – Ph.D., E.P.
  • Joel Lampe – Ph.D., Co-curator for the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Bible in America exhibit
  • Lee Biondi – Ph.D., Co-curator for the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Bible in America exhibit
  • Foundation For Academic Excellence
  • American Family Association Center For Law and Policy
  • National Legal Foundation
  • Pacific Justice Institute
  • American Center For Law and Justice
  • Liberty Counsel
  • Dr. John Eidsmoe – Professor of Law, Faulkner University
  • Citizens For Excellence in Education
  • Dr. Robert P. George – McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University – He recently completed a six-year term as a presidential appointee to the United States Commission On Civil Rights.
  • Gerard V. Bradley – Professor of Law, Notre Dame School of Law
  • Stephen Melchior – Attorney – representing Judge Roy Moore in the Ten Commandments Case.
  • Col. Ronald D. Ray – Attorney, First Principals, Inc.
  • John S. Baker, Jr. – Professor of Law, Louisiana State University Law Center
  • William C. Porth – Robinson & McElwee, LLP
  • Center For Reclaiming America
  • N.C. Family Policy Council
  • Louisiana Family Forum
  • Southern Baptist Convention – Dr. James Merritt, former pres. of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Eagle Forum
  • Concerned Women for America
  • Family Research Council President, Tony Perkins – Took a major role in getting our curriculum implemented in 14 school districts in the state of Louisiana
  • Mrs. Alveda King (Martin Luther King’s niece)
  • Liberty Legal Institute

Endorsement letters from:

On their Board of Advisors:

U.S. Representative Sue Myrick

U.S. Representative Robin C. Hayes
N.C. Senator Patrick Ballantine
N.C. Senator Robert Pittenger
N.C. Representative Russell Capps
N.C. Senator Phillip Berger
N.C. Senator Fred Smith
N.C. Senator Neal Hunt
N.C. Senator James Forrester
S.C. Senator Larry Grooms
AL. Senator Scott Beason
Ky. Representative Tom Riner
Ga. Senator Tommie Williams
Dr. D. James Kennedy, Author, President, Coral Ridge Ministries
Mrs. Deane Groseclose, Clemmons, N.C.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Mercer Island, Wash.
Mrs. Jane Russell – Santa Maria, Cal.
Hon. Holly Coors
Dr. Charles Stanley
Mrs. Joyce Meyer – St. Louis, Mo.
Dr. Alveda King – Atlanta, Ga.
Mr. David Barton – Aledo, Tx.
Mr. Steve Crampton, Attorney, Liberty Counsel
Mr. Darrell Scott
Mr. Dave Roever
Mr. Howard Phillips, Chairman, The Conservative Caucus
Mr. Grant Jeffrey
Mrs. Anne Graham Lotz, Raleigh, N.C.
Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Troutt – Dallas, Tx.
Pastor George Pearsons – Fort Worth, Tx.
Mr. Donald S. McAlvany, Author, President, I.C.A.
Dr. Marshall Foster, President, Mayflower Institute
Dr. Wayne House, Professor, Simon Greenleaf University School of Law
Dr. Mark Chironna – Orlando, Fla.
Dr. Robert Cornuke, Colorado Springs,Co.
Colonel Ronald D. Ray, Attorney and Military Historian – Louisville, Ky.
Hon. Bill Richardson – Fair Oaks, Cal.
Gerard V. Bradley, Att.,Prof. Notre Dame Law School
Pastor Andrae Crouch – Pacoima, Cal.
Mr. Walter O. Meloon – Orlando, Fla.
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Baumann – Plano, Tx.
Judge Darrell White (ret.), Baton Rouge, La.
Mr. Dennis Bailey, Attorney – Winston-Salem, N.C.
Mr. Ted Amshoff, Attorney – Louisville, Ky.
Dr. Ted Baehr, Chairman, The Christian Film & Television Commission
Mr. Jim Branch – Raleigh, N.C.
Mrs. Janet Folger – Dania Beach, Fla.


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