International Coalition of Workplace Ministries

International Coalition of Worplace MinistriesThe International Coalition of Workplace Ministries is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and run by Os Hillman and marketplace leader Apostle Julius Olyet. It is a division of Marketplace Leaders Ministries.

From their website: “The International Coalition of Workplace Ministries (ICWM)  is a coalition of workplace believers who want to encourage and unite leaders by inspiring, connecting, and equipping them for transformation of the workplace for Christ.”

Their stated goals:

1. To increase distribution of TGIF Today God Is First daily devotionals to as many men and women in the workplace as possible.

2. To encourage churches, businesses, and parachurch organizations to host and subscribe their members to TGIF Today God Is First daily devotionals.

3. To develop additional resources, including teaching and training materials, to help men and women live their faith and calling in and through the workplace.

  • To break down the wall of secular versus sacred.
  • To bring revival to the workplace.
  • To help business people see their work as their calling and ministry.
  • To engage more workplace Christians in the “work of the ministry.”
  • To see the power of God manifested in the workplace.

Their influence cannot be left at that, however. Their primary task is taking dominion over the mountain of business. A link to a Seven Mountains Mandate page is featured prominently on their website along with the donate button.

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