Market Apostles

From Talk2Action:

Also called workplace apostles, these leaders are considered one of the most important sectors of the movement.  While they emphasize evangelism in the workplace, the primary task of this division is taking “Christian dominion” over “the mountain” of business and finance.

Os Hillman, based in Atlanta, is the head of the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries and  Market Leaders.   Os Hillman and marketplace leader Apostle Julius Oyet can be seen in Bruce Wilson’s video documenting the New Apostolics role in Uganda’s anti-gay bill.

Apostles are encouraged to merge ministry with business.  Apostle Pat Francis of Ontario heads Kingdom Covenant Ministries which includes a communications corporation, Elomax Oil and Gas and Elomax Enterprises.  She also serves as a United Nations (NGO) “Transformational Activist” according to her bio.  Two other apostles from the UK and Australia run Markets Unlocked, a “kingdom company” and market matchmaking system.   The Market Apostles work closely with the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) founded in 1985 and still led by founder Gunnar Olson of  Sweden, member of  the ICA Apostolic Council from 2004 – 2007.

Wagner teaches that once the work of market apostles has progressed, there will be a “great wealth transfer” from the ungodly to the godly which will facilitate the rapid expansion of the “kingdom.”  In this decree posted on the ministry site of Apostle James Goll, Wagner relates the formation of a 48 apostle council  to be in charge of overseeing the great wealth transfer.  The composition of this and other “kingdom wealth” groups* have not been made public but many related to these initiatives can be seen at Market Leaders, Church in the Workplace Conferences, and the Kingdom Economic Summit.  (View Kingdom Economic Summit videos.) Leading teachers in this area include Ed Silvoso from Argentina/California,  Bruce Cook, Johnny Enlow and Pat Francis of Toronto.

Paid prayer intercessors for businesses is another growing field. Other “kingdom wealth” groups mentioned in NAR media are the Apostolic Council for Kindom Wealth (ACKW), Zion Apostolic Council, and Hamilton Group.

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