International Coalition of Apostles (ICA)

International Coalition of Apostles

International Coalition of Apostles

The ICA is the network of several hundred apostles in the U.S. and approximately 40 other nations formed by the convening apostle, C. Peter Wagner.  Each of these apostles has ministries under him/her, some hundreds or even thousands. The ICA has now gone behind a wall and this information can no longer be accessed by a non-member. Another entity called “Global Spheres,” which list a directory of apostles, has been created and is under the apostolic authority

Chuck Pierce

Chuck Pierce

of Chuck Pierce.

This membership was under the leadership of  C. Porter Wagner, until 2008 with a council including the following apostles:  Naomi Dowdy, Ed Silvoso, Dennis Peacocke, Bill Hamon, Joseph Mattera, Ron Cottle, James Chosa, Dan Juster, Pat Francis, George Bakalov, John Eckhardt, and H. Daniel Wilson.

Currently (2013), the ICA is led by John Kelly and the membership list is no longer available to the public.

Ed Silvoso

Ed Silvoso

Ed Silvoso, from the above list, can be seen in Bruce Wilson’s Transforming Uganda, documenting the New Apostolics role in Uganda’s anti-gay bill.  Note that many significant ideological leaders  or “fathers” of the movement have their own networks and are not currently listed as apostles in the ICA, such as Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries, and Mike Bickle, head of IHOP (International House of Prayer), and model for 24/7 youth-oriented prayer houses and  movements around the globe.  Bickle has served in the ACPE listed below.

Another significant network that has overlap with the ICA is Revival Alliance, headed by Che Ahn, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, John Arnott, Bill Johnson, and Georgian Banov and their spouses.



One response to “International Coalition of Apostles (ICA)

  1. Yea, I used to be part of a church overseen by ICA Apostles. I think they want to take dominion over the local churches finances! It was sad that every Church had to tithe to them; additionally, the Pastor was required to tithe his salary to ICA. I watched small churches, with bi-vocational Pastors tithe to them. Not quite the NT model of Apostleship.


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