Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN)

HeartlandHAPN is under the apostolic authority of Apostle John Benefiel.  The HAPN, based in Oklahoma, has list on the website of prayer networks by state.Following is a sample of Apostolic Prayer Networks which fall under the supervision of the above apostolic leaders.

GAPN – Georgia Global Apostolic Network ORPN – Ohio Reformation Prayer Network TXAPN – Texas Apostolic Prayer Network MIPGAPN – Michigan Global Apostolic Network IN APN – Indiana Global Apostolic Network Louisiana Global Apostolic Prayer Network Illinois Apostolic Prayer Network Heartland Apostolic Network FLRPN – Florida Refomation Prayer Network Arkansas Apostolic Prayer Network Pray Colorado Power Grid Apostolic Network – Kansas New England Apostolic Prayer Network Missouri Prayer Global Mission Pray New York OAPN Oklahoma Apostolic Prayer Network

The “spiritual warfare” networks were used extensively in the 2008 presidential campaign to broadcast prophecy concerning Sarah Palin.  This is arguably the meaning of the Palin’s references to thanking her “prayer warriors” in interviews with James Dobson and again with Christian Broadcast Network.

In 2006 Florida’s Katherine Harris was taped in a controversial conference call praying that God would  “bring the hearts and minds of our Jewish brothers and sisters into alignment” in a taped telephone conference with Ken Malone.  Reporters identified him as head of Lighthouse World Outreach but failed to recognize that Malone was then the Florida coordinator for Wagner’s U.S. Strategic Prayer Network, which illustrates how the movement has escaped notice.


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