Americans For Truth

Information From Wikipedia:

AFTAHAFTAH was formed as a part-time enterprise in 1996, and reorganized in 1996 by Peter LaBarbera,[3] to oppose the “radical homosexual agenda”. It was a 501(c)3 United States tax-exempt organization until stripped of that designation in 2010 following years of failing to file the appropriate paperwork.[4] AFTAH rejects the idea of inborn sexual orientation and believes that “homosexual practice” is always wrong but that people can “leave the homosexual lifestyle”.[5] AFTAH contends that there is a fundamental conflict between gay rights and religious freedom.[6]

In 1997, LaBarbera, then an editor for the Family Research Council, criticized US President Bill Clinton for supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) stating: “He’s out there using his presidential power to boost the gay lobby. I think there is an increasing acceptance [of homosexuality], but the majority of Americans are put off by the kind of homosexual advocacy they are seeing.”[7]

In 2002, LaBarbera compared the alleged dangers of homosexuality to those of “smoking, alcohol and drug abuse”.[3]

In 2007, LaBarbera said there was “a disproportionate incidence of pedophilia” among gay men—a claim refuted by the American Psychological Association.[8] The same year, he posted literature that made a series of false claims about gays running the German Nazi Party.[3]

In 2009, AFTAH filed a lawsuit in US Federal Court against a Naperville, Illinois, Holiday Inn Select, because of the cancellation of a banquet the AFTAH planned to hold October 6, 2007, at the hotel. The hotel cancelled the AFTAH event after learning that it would likely draw protests from the Chicago-based Gay Liberation Network.[9] That same year, LaBarbera, while speaking at the Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ Conference, called for a government study of the dangers of homosexual sex.[10]

In 2012, LaBarbera said he was ousted from an event featuring sex columnist Dan Savage for voicing his Christian beliefs. According to CNS News, LaBarbera confronted Savage about his attack on conservative presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Shortly thereafter, LaBarbera was escorted out for his “disruptive behavior”. The conflict later spilled onto Twitter as LaBarbera and Savage exchanged heated tweets.[citation needed]

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in 2010 has designated AFTAH as an anti-gay hate group for spreading hateful propaganda, and claiming that homosexuality can be “cured.

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