Peter LaBarbera

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Peter LaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera (born 1963), is the president of Americans for Truth aboutHomosexuality (AFTAH), an anti-LGBT organization in the United States.

Until 1990, LaBarbera was a reporter for The Washington Times and covered stories such as Communism in Central America, then became a freelance reporter in Nicaragua.[citation needed] He then worked for Accuracy in Media and became a contributing editor at Human Events magazine.[1]

In early August 1994, LaBarbera and another activist, Bill Horn, were invited to Shreveport, Louisiana, by the pastor Billy McCormack, a director and vice president of the Christian Coalition of America to make a presentation on the homosexual rights agenda. Horn produced the video The Gay Agenda, and La Barbera edited the newsletter, the Lambda Report. After LaBarbera and Horn left Shreveport, McCormack’s University Baptist Church burned to the ground. Arson was suspected but authorities determined that the structure was destroyed by lightning.[2]

LaBarbera served as a senior policy analyst for the Culture and Family Institute, a conservative Christian group opposed to LGBT rights.[3] LaBarbera said that the end result of Lawrence v. Texas was “like the Roe v. Wade of the homosexual issue.”[3]

In 2010, LaBarbera campaigned unsuccessfully to become a state central committeeman for the Republican Party in Naperville, Illinois, where he resides.[4][5]

LaBarbera is founder and president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), which describes itself as “dedicated to exposing the homosexual activist agenda”.[6] It was a 501(c)3 United States tax-exempt organization until stripped of that designation following years of failing to file the appropriate paperwork.[7] It is classified as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).[8][9] Upon learning of the designation in December 2010, LaBarbera considered it a point of pride and stated “If you are not on the SPLC hate list, you are not doing enough.”[10] LaBarbera has stated that SPLC determinations that AFTAH makes false and derogatory claims about homosexuals is inaccurate. Yet LaBarbera has at the same time claimed that the majority of children who are sexually abused are male as are their abusers, painting homosexual males as pedophiles and a danger to society.[11] In direct opposition to these claims, the latest meta-analysis of relevant research found that girls are 3-4 times more likely to be sexually abused as children than are boys.[12]

In April 2013, he said that homophobia and an allegedly higher rate of STIs among homosexuals were “reassuring” as it demonstrated that God saw homosexuality as an “abomination”.[13]



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