When it comes to judging America for its sins, God is an absolute doofus

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Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with God. And having no luck at all.

If you’ve been paying attention, by now you’ve figured out that natural calamities are God’s judgment on America. Preachers preach it and Christians believe it. When a hurricane hits, for example, it’s usually because we’re being unholy in some way or another. Drinking, fornicating, gambling, etc. But mainly the queers.

Katrina was God’s judgment. And it’s just beginning. Because of the Pride Parade. (A Google search on “Katrina God’s judgment” returns 129,000 hits, by the way.) Sandy? God’s judgment.

Tornadoes are God’s judgment. Earthquakes are God’s judgment. Forest fires, famine, volcanos – God’s judgment. You get the point.

Fine. God isn’t happy and he’s sending us a message. A warning shot across the bow, as it were. But…you can’t help wondering. Is God stupid? Does he…

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2 responses to “When it comes to judging America for its sins, God is an absolute doofus

  1. Conservative Christians may believe natural disasters are God’s judgement, but those of us who actually study science have no such beliefs. It appears odd that the “red” states get more than their share, but maybe not as odd as it appears. If one refuses to study science, one is left trying to understand natural phenomena by supernatural means ie: God did it. It appears to be a self-imposed problem as the RWchristians dumb down science in the public schools as much as they can and then have to explain natural disasters by blaming God. It is they who are trying to use these disasters as a weapon. They proclaim it to be God’s punishment. But, oddly, they don’t seem to “get” the fact that God is punishing THEM.


  2. Joseph Strodel

    I am a Christian and I can testify firmly that not all Christians are equally smart. This is something that a lot of liberals fail to recognize, many fundamentalist Christians are simply dumb or average intelligence people that have no sense of the difficulties involving causation and correlation. They are superspiritual and easily puffed up in pride by their vain delusions of being able to speak for God. There are so many who are not like them though.


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