Bryan Fischer Goes Politically Incorrect – Again!

Bryan Fischer is the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association – a designated hate group. He is also a key activist in the Dominionist Movement. He hosts the talk radio program “Focal Point” on American Family Radio and posts on the AFA blog, “Instant Analysis.”

 Like all of these extremists, Fischer opposes abortion, national health care, environmentalism, gay adoption, and same sex marriage. But, yesterday he decided not to be “politically correct,” (gasp) and issued the following statement:

“Now, I am gonna say something here and I don’t care that it is politically incorrect. And i know if Right Wing Watch picks up on this or anybody else they’re just gonna lacerate me for this. I don’t care. From a biblical standpoint, it’s very clear that men are designed to be the breadwinners for their families. That’s the way God set it up; that’s the way he designed it. Husbands are to use their stamina and their strength and their brainpower – not that they’re smarter than women, I’m not saying that – but God’s given them a brain and the purpose for using their mental ability is to provide for their families, to use their physical strength to work hard, to work long hours, to use their physical strength to protect their wives and protect their children and be providers for them. That is the biblical pattern. And the biblical pattern is for a wife and a mother to focus her energies, devote her energies on [sic] making a home for her children and for her husband. And there’s another problem, is the number of married mothers who out earn their husbands. That number has quadrupled and I – and again I’m gonna be politically incorrect here – I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t think it’s a healthy dynamic to have the wife out earn her husband because so much of his sense of worth as a male is tied up in what he does vocationally and providing for his family. That’s his calling. That’s not his wife’s job to provide for his family. He knows that it’s his job. And if he has a wife that out earns him I think that’s gonna put some stress on his psyche, gonna put some stress on that marriage.”


Well, shame on all of you women who have clawed your way to the top and now earn more than the macho guy you married! Don’t you realize how badly you are damaging his psyche when you do that? Stay the hell at home. Get knocked up. Wash the dishes and cook the meals, and do as you are told!



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