South Carolina’s Nikki Haley Caught Up In White Pride

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley

Uh…Oh!!! It seems that Nikki Haley – you know that somewhat air-headed southern belle who is Governor of South Carolina – had to engage in some damage control this week. Now, she didn’t get caught with her bloomers down, or anything like that, however, when it became public that Roan Garcia-Quintana, a member of a special steering committee to re-elect the Dixie Darling, was, in fact a board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a hate group of the racist variety reminiscent of the White Citizens Council.

Now, Roan Garcia-Quintana is a Cuban-American, but denies being a Latino and claims to be a descendent of the Spaniards who settled Cuba. When faced with the news that he had been ‘outed,’ Roan responded, ““Is it racist to be proud of your own heritage? Is it racist to want to keep your own heritage pure?”

Representatives for the Haley campaigned initially defended Roan by stating “”there is nothing racial about this Cuban-American’s participation in the political process.”

Well, excuse me while I barf. The Council of Conservative Citizens has long been a designated hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and has been home to many of the most heinous racists of our time. The very fact that Garcia-Quintana sat on their board makes him complicit in the many racist writings and actions committed by this group. Claiming “White Pride,” which is essentially what he is doing, speaks volumes to this man’s idelology.

In addition, it was revealed that Roan runs an anti-immigration group called Americans Have Had Enough. The group claims to be fighting the “Illegal Alien Invasion.”

Once it became clear that there was no covering any of this up, Nikki Haley’s campaign gave him the boot and issued a statement claiming, “we were previously unaware of some of the statements [Garcia-Quintana] had made, statements which do not well represent the views of the Governor.”

Uh…huh. If you believe. Although Haley is a Sikh, (She listed herself as “White” on her voter registration card)  it is difficult to believe that the man in question’s racist beliefs went unnoticed. Virtually every politician who has been found to have ties and associations with the Council of Concerned Citizens has feigned ignorance to their racial motivation once that association is made public.

It is also important to note that Haley is pro-life; opposed to affirmative action; anti-same-sex marriage; anti-separation of church and state; advocates an absolute right to bear arms; and anti-immigration, no pathway for citizenship, no anchor babies. In short, at the very least, a Rebiblican.

Need we say more?






6 responses to “South Carolina’s Nikki Haley Caught Up In White Pride

  1. Yet another fool attaching themselves to the ridiculous notion of European ‘purity’. Spain, which is where I’m from, is a tremendous mix of different peoples even though it may not look it. The Moors were here, Jews were here, Phoenicians were here, the Romans were here for ages. We’re mixed just like everywhere else on the globe. Even the people who look very white are very probably mixed too.


  2. Good work.


  3. Some would say that the southern poverty law center is a hate group .

    Whites can have pride without hating others and you can have ever other type of pride and in most cases be cheered … but with white pride you automatically a racist , bigot , etc .

    You sound like the bigot by the way .


  4. Please stop using the term pro-life to mean anti-abortion. Considering how little these RWNJs care for children once they’re actually living and breathing, the correct term, IMO, is anti-abortion. There’s nothing pro-life about fetishizing fetuses.


  5. zyxomma – Point well taken.


  6. Ire – I realize that the SPLC has come under attack – especially by those who have been targeted by the Center. But, then that’s the nature of the Beast – as is evident by you calling me a bigot. Let me say to you that the only thing that I am “bigoted” against is extremism in any form. As to your views on “White Pride,” I have no problem with anyone being proud of who they are or where they come from – however, you know and I know that racial pride is often accompanied by racial hatred and racial persecution of others. Additionally, since the term “White Pride” is generally attributed to, and almost exclusively used by, white supremacists and a variety of hate groups, I find the term offensive and non-productive in any discourse I might have. Be proud of who you are, what you stand for, and what you have accomplished. Those things have nothing to do with the color of your skin.


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