Dominionist Speak

brainWhen I first started researching Dominionism and the dangers that it poses, I thought my brain would explode! It has been one of the most challenging feats that I have ever attempted.

This learning curve was exacerbated by the sheer number of individuals and entities involved in the movement, but it was the terminology that created the most frustrating of all obstacles I had to overcome.

As I have stated many times over, the Dominionists are masters at deception and stealth maneuvers. They have become extremely savvy at marketing and branding themselves as anything other than what they truly are. And…they certainly have a way with words.

In order to gain a reasonable understanding of what they are truly all about and how they differ from mainstream Christians I knew that I had to understand the terminology behind their movement as well as the Christian religion in general. Consequently, I began to generate a glossary of the most common terms and definitions associated with both.

This glossary is anything but complete – it is a work in progress and will be added to on a regular basis. However, I thought that it might prove helpful to others who are trying to understand this subject.

NOTE: The Glossary does not include the many buzz-words and phrases that are used by Dominionist to bamboozle and confound the unsuspecting. That will appear in a post dedicated to just that.


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