Ahh…Men Will Be Men

Remember – he’s a man, and men have a tendency to “wander,” after all. So…he cheated on you – are you doing everything that you can to make a happy home? I mean, after all, he was captured by that stripper in that hotel room and now it’s your job to set him free!

Say what?

Pat Robertson, the evangelical who, along with Jerry Falwell blamed the 9-11 terror attacks on the ACLU, the pagans, the abortionists, the feminists, and the gays and lesbians, today, on the 700 Club, told a woman whose husband had been cheating on her that she should stop focusing on the act of adultery and start focusing on the positives.

“Does he provide a home for you to live in, does he provide food for you to eat, does he provide clothes for you to wear, is he nice to the children…is he handsome?”

In that fatherly manner so many gullible souls buy into he stared into the camera he told the anguished woman to give her husband honor and to remember that he was a man.


So much for that pesky little 7th Commandment, you see, that only applies to women. Funny how many self-professed Christians seem to get around those rules that they claim everyone else should live by.


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