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By Nicole Nichols

Whenever I think of Texas the first thing that comes to mind is its’ slogan “A Whole Other Country.” The second thing that creeps into my thoughts is Governor Rick Perry. You know, the guy who God talks to, who ran for President and showed his ass, the one who really wants Texas to be a “whole other country.”

Governor Rick Perry

Governor Rick Perry

Now, I know a lot of Texans and have spent a bit of time there, as well. It’s interesting to me that I have never met a Texan who claims to support Perry or who believes that good ole’ Rick speaks for them. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have some brain-dead, moth-balled closeted supporters – he does – I just haven’t run into any. Maybe that’s because I haven’t attended any of his prayer rallies or John Hagee’s side-show circus.

Just as attitudes have changed dramatically over the years concerning same-sex marriage, the attitudes of voters are changing as well. However, someone like Perry who believes himself to be chosen by God for great things just doesn’t get it. Just the other day he was asked about the same-sex marriage cases that the Supreme Court is reviewing and he had the temerity to say: “As recently as a constitutional amendment that passed – I believe, with 76 percent of the vote. The people of the state of Texas, myself included, believe marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Gee, Rick, the amendment of which you speak was passed 8 years ago, and in case you haven’t heard…the times they are a-changin’. Not only are attitudes toward marriage changing, but also the attitudes of voters who are sick and tired of politicians who while demonstrating consummate ignorance claim to speak for them and an entire state of people. And…just as new lines are being drawn on social issues, politicians who are adrift in a sea of hubris are meeting their fate in the voting booth.

Rick Perry is rapidly loosing his influence and sway over Texas voters, and while he dreams of the 2016, presidential races, at home he is failing badly in the polls. According to a recent Texas Tribune poll, only 26% of Texas voters say they will definitely support Perry.

The tide is turning. Regardless of which way the Supreme Court rules or doesn’t, public sentiment is changing course. Of course, this will throw the dominionists, the Republicans, and the evangelicals into apoplectic fits of rage and the fallout will be significant, but so be it. Just as the success of Civil Rights Movement still doesn’t sit well with those on the extreme right, this new coming of age in America will only exacerbate the angst experienced by the fearful and the ignorant Rick Perry’s who believe that Jesus Christ was an anal retentive, hate-mongering Republican.