Homosexuality – Not A Thing of the Past – Kevin Swanson Reveals What the Future Holds

Homosexuality – Not A Thing of the Past

Kevin Swanson Reveals What the Future Holds

By Nicole Nichols

HOT FLASH: In the early 20th Century, there were only three homosexuals in the world as far as anyone knew! This little known fact was revealed today by Generations Radio guru, Kevin Swanson. And we thought David Barton was the only one who could rewrite history!

kevin swansonOn his radio show, along with side-kick Dave Buehner, Swanson, once again, attempted to gain some attention and pulled that little tidbit out of his gerbil hole along with predictions about what the future has in store for heterosexual Christians who oppose gay marriage.

Swanson lamented to Buehner that in the early 20th Century, “there was a Canadian named Robert Ross, an Englishman named Oscar Wilde, and an American named Walt Whitman who were well known for some level of homosexuality.” He went on the say that “we now have a problem that’s probably about 10,000, if not a 100,000, times worse than it was 100 years ago.”

Last June a ‘study’ emerged from researcher Mark Regnerus out of the University of Texas which suggested that children raised by parents who had, at some point, engaged in homosexual relationships were more likely to be on public assistance, unemployed, or in therapy. The study was immediately debunked and blown off by much of the sane and intelligent research world. However, neither Swanson nor Buehler fit into those categories.

Swanson just had to go there:

Swanson: You need to understand the agenda here. What’s happening is they want homosexuals to be able to be involved in adoption and foster care as much anybody else. So picture a nice little homeschool family, just trying to do the right thing. An anonymous tip comes in, social services swoops in, they grab the kids in the year 2022 and the kids get remanded into a home with homosexuals and these particular homosexuals happen to be tied into NAMBLA and other things. You know what’s going to happen. There will be proper indoctrination into a certain kind of worldview, shall we say.

Buehner: One that the Bible calls for capital punishment. That kind of worldview. It’ll be a tragedy in that house.

Swanson: Yeah. It’s a tragedy. It’s a tragedy. And I think there are a lot of concerned parents. There are concerned Catholic parents. There are concerned homeschool parents. And especially when you get a Regnerus study that comes out and says they’re ten times more likely to be touched sexually by a parent in a homosexual home than, you know, the normal American secular home. Wow. That’s frightening. (Transcript Courtesy of Right Wing Watch)

Well, now that we have all been sufficiently educated as to what the ‘real’ agenda is, I suppose we can consider ourselves forewarned. Perhaps we should hide the children. But, Swanson wasn’t content to stop with the children. Oh no – Christians are an endangered species and will soon fall prey to “apostate Christian churches that have adopted homosexuality.”

Swanson: I don’t know how far this one’s gonna go my friends. I’m not sure the world has ever gone to homosexual marriage. I think Nero tried it, it was very, very odd, very weird, very, very decadent for the Roman Empire. It’s about the worst the Roman Empire ever, ever got, under Nero. And of course the persecutions that came with Nero were intense for the Church of Christ in Rome at that time. Today, it might be a little different because you have a lot of quote-unquote apostate Christian churches that have adopted homosexuality and they will do their best to burn Christians at the stake or do what Nero did, I’m sure, in the years to come, because that’s sort of the history of homosexuals and what they have done ever since they were banging on the doors outside of Lot’s house.

For all of those who wonder what cave this man inhabits, Kevin Swanson is the pastor of the Reformation Church in Castle Rock, Colorado. In actuality, they meet at Clear Sky Elementary School. I guess they want to be close to the children so that they can better protect them. Kevin ran for Governor of Colorado back in 1994 on a pro-life ticket.

Swanson is a major proponent of homeschooling  – gotta keep those kids close to you at all times. After all, those homosexual predators are everywhere! He started Generations with Vision – “a ministry to strengthen homeschool families around the country.” He makes the dubious claim that his radio program reaches families across the United States and in 80 different countries.

Dave BuehnerSwanson’s sidekick, David Buehner is the pastor at Christ the King Church in Larkspur, Colorado. Another advocate of homeschooling, Dave and Kevin are a perfect mesh with each other. Last year, Buehner garnered some attention when he told NBC affiliate KOAA that homosexuality will “destroy society…destroy everything,” and likened homosexuals to cannibals and child molesters. He went on to urge Colorado legislators to remove homosexuals from society.

Buehner doesn’t ascribe to the whole “God is love” concept, you see. He has no time for all of that nonsense. Nope…he’s not “that kind of Christian.” He thought the Ugandan “Kill the Gays Bill” was a stellar idea – after all, in his mind, God really does hate gays:

Buehner: Kevin, if you tell your daughter, your beautiful daughter, ‘Hey, don’t put your hand on the hot stove.’ She can look at that and say, ‘My dad’s a tyrant, he won’t give me liberty to put my hand on the hot stove.’ The fact of the matter is if she puts her hand on the hot stove, bad things will happen. God’s law is like that. God’s law will tell us that if we do things that are bad, bad things will happen. If we put our hands on the stove, we’ll get burned. If we embrace homosexuality, we’ll destroy society, we’ll destroy lives, we’ll destroy families, we’ll destroy everything. It’s not just that God just hates homosexuals, there’s a reason why he hates it. It’s the same reason you would hate your daughter putting her hand on a hot stove.

During their show immediately following the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, Swanson and Buehner took that opportunity to blame the public school system despite the fact that Lanza, the shooter, had been homeschooled. And their hatred for liberals, evidently rivals their hatred for homosexuals. From that show:

“It is interesting that this is probably one of the most shocking experiences; America has been stunned by what happened,” Swanson said on Generations Radio. “I think there is still somewhat of a conscience. There may not be a conscience about killing the unborn children, there may not be as much of a conscience of killing twenty-seven year olds. But apparently when these bodies of little six and seven year olds riddled by bullets are being examined by the experts, hundreds of thousands and millions of people in America are still somewhat stunned. Apparently they have some level of moral outrage left for the slaughter of the innocents in Newtown, Connecticut.”

“I think you’re exactly right,”Buehner said. “The liberals are proposing that we as a nation follow a kinder, gentler flavor of rebellion against God. They’d like a rebellion that stops a little short of murdering kindergartners. They want the rebellion that involves gay marriage; they want the rebellion that embraces rape and abortion and a media that is in utter defiance against the law of God. That’s the kind of society they want; they want a society that’s in rebellion but not that much rebellion.”

Kevin Swanson and David Buehner are good examples of the plague that has been unleashed upon the Christian community of late. They are the epitome of all that is wrong with the new branding of the Christian religion. They have, obviously, taken the teachings of Christ out of the equation and supplanted a new and obscene dogma that is taking root all too rapidly throughout the air-waves, the pulpits, and ultimately the halls of government. From cherry-picking Biblical versus to justify their distortions to imprecatory prayers upon their perceived enemies, these people are steadfastly and relentlessly preying upon others who seek only to be comforted by their beliefs and their faith.

The Swanson’s and Buehner’s of this world are nothing more than opportunists and showmen. Yet, an alarming number of people have fallen under the spell of these charlatans of Christianity. Perhaps it is out of desperation and despair, or maybe it’s out of fear. Whatever the reason, Kevin and Dave and the others of their ilk are loving every minute of it. After all, it’s profitable.








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