Movers & Shakers – 9 – Center for Equal Opportunity

Center for Equal Opportunity

CEO is a rather small conservative think tank in comparison with others. Accordingly, they limit their focus primarily to affirmative action and bilingual education. Founded by FOX News commentator and former Reagan Administration’s Civil Rights Director, Linda Chavez, there is no lack in their well-funded coffers.

The Center for Equal Opportunity is sometimes referred to as the Equal Opportunity Foundation. They argue against all affirmative action issues, and have been active in fighting what they consider to be “Severe racial discrimination” in education, hiring practices and contracting.

While they are supportive of immigration, in general, they have major concerns over illegal immigration and what they consider to be “poor assimilation policies.” Rather than bilingual education, they campaign for immersion in English.

Much of their funding comes from the Bradley Foundation and the Scaife Foundations, but they are also recipients of grants from Castle Rock Foundation; Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation; Earhart Foundation; and the Philip M. Mckenna Foundation.

If the name Linda Chavez sounds familiar it’s because she was George W. Bush’s choice to head the Department of labor, but withdrew her name over a controversy that arose when it came to light that she had employed an undocumented worker from Guatemala.

Chavez has close ties to, and has been affiliated with, the Project for the New American Century, the Manhattan Institute on Policy Research, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Center for Equal Opportunity has a great deal of input and impact upon our immigration and civil rights issues. They have been very instrumental in shaping policies surrounding affirmative action, especially in the area of education. They are also active in the election process where they support like-minded candidates.


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