Movers and Shakers – 4 – Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation at first glance appears to be rather innocuous and just another attempt to foist this whole free-market economy on the country. Upon further evaluation, however, we find it not as benign as it appears on the surface.

Their stated “Vision” is “to achieve a society of free and responsible individuals, based upon private property rights, limited government under the rule of law and the market order.”

They promote the international development of like-minded, free market think tanks while supporting networking opportunities for these organizations.

They have far reaching influence and receive a lot of their support from the Koch Brothers as well as millions of dollars from the ExxonMobil Foundation. Additionally, they receive large donations from the Scaife Foundation, the Earhart Foundation and the Carthage Foundation.

Much of their work lies in the area of climate change denial and global warming denial. Hence, it can be assumed that the anti-climate control groups backing the big oil and gas groups are firmly behind this group.

It is important to note that Whitney Ball, the Executive Director of Atlas, is also the founder and board member of the Cato Institute, and the co-Founder and Executive Director of Donors Capital Fund. He sits alongside Christopher DeMuth who is also the Director and Senior Fellow of American Enterprise Institute, Kris Alan Mauren (Director of the Acton Institute), William H. Mellor (Director of Institute For Justice), and John A. Von Kannon (Director of the Heritage Foundation).

In 2011, it came to light that Donors Capital Fund was one of seven foundations that cumulatively donated $42 million dollars to the Islamaphobia Network In America and the hysteria around Sharia Law.

During the 2012, election cycle Atlas has been busy endorsing and funding candidates on the right who share their right-wing extremism.

Additionally, Whitney Ball and associates are closely tied to Richard Viguerie, of the Moral Majority who, himself, has raised and donated billions of dollars to Christian and conservative causes.

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation is a prime example of how these organizations interact and cross-pollinate stealthily to run their extremist agenda on the unsuspecting American people.


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