Movers and Shakers – 7 – Castle Rock Foundation

Castle Rock Foundation

Joseph Coors

The Castle Rock Foundation was started in 1993, with an endowment of $36.6 million from the Adolph Coors Foundation. Their stated mission is to “Promote a better understanding of the free enterprise system, preserve the principles upon which our democracy was founded, encourage personal responsibility and leadership, and uphold traditional American values.”

The Foundation is a major supporter of the Heritage Foundation and the Free Congress Foundation, as well as other other right-wing groups who support the racist, homophobic, and anti-labor ideology of the Coors Family.

A quick scrutiny of the Foundation reveals that many of the organizations funded by the Foundation include active participation by Coors family members. Additionally, here is a list of their Officers:

  • William      K. Coors, President
  • Peter      H. Coors, Vice President
  • Jeffrey      H. Coors, Treasurer
  • Linda      S. Tafoya, Secretary
  • Holland      H. Coors, Trustee
  • Robert      G. Windsor, Trustee

Generally, their grants have been awarded to the Heritage Foundation, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the Institute on Religion and Public Life, and the Manhattan Institute along with many think tanks, legal foundations, Christian ministries and educational institutions.

Upon closer scrutiny, the list of grants awarded reads like a Who’s Who of the religious, Dominionist Right, demonstrating, yet again, the far-reaching influence that this group of individuals have on the policies and legislation that shape America, and that belie the claim of separation of  church and state.

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