Movers and Shakers – 3 – Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation

Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation

The Arthur S. DeMoss foundation is based in West Palm Beach, Florida and is named after the late President of life insurance giant, the National Liberty Corporation.  The foundation holds at least $500 million dollars in assets and is a generous contributor to the Religious Right and many evangelical Christian causes.

In their Statement of Purpose, the Foundation says, “…to promulgate the Christian Gospel throughout the world by any and all proper means, including, but not by way of limitation, the technical assistance of missionaries and missionary groups, the support of pastors, evangelists, missionaries, preachers and others engaged in the promulgation of the Christian Gospel, the printing and distribution of Christian literature, Bibles and tracts, and the support and operation of audio and audio-visual means of communication …”

There are three main program areas within the groups focus. Power For Living is a multi-media, world-wide campaign promoting the book, Power For Living. The book is translated into many different languages for distribution into other countries.

Executive Ministries focuses on discipling  business and professional executives to Jesus Christ. They hold evangelistic luncheons and dinner parties where testimonials from Christian executives are presented, and then follow up counseling is conducted. They also hold men and women’s Bible studies for their conversions, following these up with counseling sessions as well.

Literature for Little Ones is a book distribution to children. Bibles, New Testaments, Christian story books, and other Christian literature is sent to hospitals, orphanages, and schools to give children the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

What isn’t reported is that this group also awards huge grants of money to other like-minded, dominionist outfits such as the American Center for Law and Justice (Pat Robertson’s legal group), GOPAC, a political action committee formed by Newt Gingrich, and the National Coalition for the Protection of Families and Children, an anti- pornography group based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Additional recipients of the Foundation’s generosity include several anti-abortion groups, and the Plymouth Rock Foundation which is a group aligned with the Christian Reconstructionists who seek to impose Biblical Law on America.

Also among some of the largest grant recipients in the Campus Crusade for Christ, Prison Fellowship Ministries, and Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell.

The Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation has long tentacles and lots of cash, and they use both to proselytize, indoctrinate, and influence the political arena and the policies that impact all of America, and in some cases, the world. Make no mistake, their message is not that of “just another Christian organization.” Their methods are often stealth, they fly way below the radar, but their intent is just as pernicious as any malignancy that eats away at the vitality of its host. When Arthur DeMoss spoke of the Rebirth of America – I don’t think any of us want to share his vision.


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