Movers and Shakers – 5 – Capital Research Center

Capital Research Center

The Capital Research Center is a right-wing, conservative think tank whose stated mission is to conduct “opposition research” exposing the funding sources behind health and environmental groups.

Founded in 1984, by Willa Johnson, the CRC publishes a range of literature, all of which targets foundations, unions and activist groups that it sees as supporting liberal causes.

The founder of the CRC is Willa Johnson, who was a Senior Vice President of the Heritage Foundation prior to her establishing the CRC. She also served as Deputy Director of the Office of Presidential Personnel in the first Reagan administration, and as a legislative aide in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

Since 1994, Terrance Scanlon has served as the President of CRC. Scanlon is also a former Vice President of the Heritage Foundation.

The group opposes the growth of government-welfare programs and advocates for alternatives from the private sector such as faith-based initiative programs. They are highly critical of animal rights activists and environmentalists. It is little wonder since a couple of their major donors are the Koch Brothers and ExxonMobil.

Other funders are the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation; Sarah Scaife Foundation; Carthage Foundation; Earhart Foundation; Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation; John M. Olin Foundation; and the Philip M. McKenna Foundation.

Huge amounts of money have been pumped into this organization over the last three decades. They have wielded a lot of influence in the halls of Congress and in making policy decisions that impact Americans on a daily basis.


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