Who Hid the Thorazine?

I’ve been thinking that it really can’t be easy being a right-wing, hate-mongering, disgruntled, paranoid, old curmudgeon who wakes up every morning with a hard-on for the world. That’s got to be a really hard thing to be.

We, on this end of the political spectrum, really ought to have, at the very least, a modicum of sympathy for these damaged and delusional douche-bags who revel in giving us heartburn and headaches – our life is a piece of cake compared to the daily grind that these people have to endure. I mean, just dreaming up the caustic and bilious prevarications and slanders that they produce must be very tiresome, indeed.

I mean, look at this William Federer, for instance. He’s a fifty-five-year-old, wannabe congressman, looking to score a few more points with the radical, ridiculous, religious right, so he delves deeply into that twisted psyche of his an hatches a prophecy that is beyond irrational.

According to Federer, it is not beyond the scope of rational thought to believe that at some time, pre-election, probably in October, there will be a “fake attack” on the life of President Obama, to which Obama himself is party to. He further “foresees” that the attack will then be blamed on the Tea Party. All of this will be accomplished to assure Obama’s reelection.

Now, this little jewel surfaced a couple of weeks ago, and Federer is pushing it everywhere possible. Last Saturday, on Focal Point, the American Family’s Talk Radio show that bills itself as “Muscular Christianity,” Federer furthered his prophecy by saying that it is possible that the President would intentionally bring about a war between Iran and Israel which he could then use as a pretext to take control of the radio, TV and internet. Or else Obama might fake a plot on his life that can be blamed on the Tea Party, which was just the sort of strategy that Joseph Stalin used as an excuse to kill millions of his enemies!

When asked if he believed that Obama would actually do those things, he replied, “”if you can vote to kill innocent babies, what can’t you justify?”

I swear, sometimes I think I woke up in a parallel universe where someone left the asylum doors open, and we ran out of Thorazine.


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