The Culture War – “Head For The Sound Of the Guns”

Richard Viguerie, one of the founders of the “Moral Majority,” isn’t a very happy camper. He isn’t at all satisfied with the fact that his beloved right-wing zealots have waged a radical war on women, immigrants, children, the poor, and the elderly, or that they have been successful in disenfranchising voters across the country with their discriminatory voter ID laws. Nope! That just isn’t good enough.

Poor Richard. He wrote a lengthy article today bemoaning the liberal agenda that is ruining this country. With the typical hyperbolic rhetoric that is endemic to those on the religious right, Viguerie cited this week’s convention, wailing…

“In-your-face liberalism was on full display in Charlotte this week. Democrats
offered a truly radical vision of the future that would fundamentally remake
American society and challenged Republicans to engage them on issues from
abortion on demand to abolishing the biblical definition of marriage.”

He then went on to bash the Republicans claiming that aside from Rick Santorum‘s speech, no one spoke on the right-to-life issue and that Republicans seemed “almost embarrassed to mention the social issues.”

Praising Tea Party wave that swept Republicans back into control of the House of Representatives in 2010, he cited what he called “new principled conservative faces,” the likes of which he named: Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker; and Senators Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, and further claimed that the current “…lack of stomach for the battle on the cultural issues has large, and
negative, consequences for the establishment Republican Party.”

He ended his screed by ominously stating, “It is time for conservatives to head for the sound of the guns in the culture war, to fill the holes in the ranks left by the Republican establishment, and to lead the battle against Barack Obama’s radical secular liberal vision for America.”

Perhaps Richard needs to be reminded that the last time another right-wing nut job mentioned guns and a war on liberals, there was a tragic shooting in Arizona. But, then, if you’re a right-wing crazy, I guess you have an excuse for being irresponsible.


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