Separation of Church & State????

You only thought there was such a thing as separation of church and state. In this election year we are being smacked right in the face with the ugly fact that such a notion is just a pipe dream. As churches across America pick up the “Take America Back For Jesus” mantra, the radical religious right is fueling their gusto with may staged events all around the country.

In what seems to be an endless litany of scripture bastardizations, and a chorus of not so subtle amens, one event after another is being announced to coerce and badger their huge flocks into marching enmasse to the voting booths in November to cast out the evil black President and replace him with something far more sinister.

The latest? They aren’t waiting for that Sunday before election day. On Sunday, September 8, the Family Research Council, and the American Family Assoiciation, both of which are designated hate groups, will present a live, streaming simulcast from the First Baptist Church of Charlotte to over 2,000 churches and home groups nationwide.

According to their membership email:

FRC President Tony Perkins will serve as host for the simulcast which will also feature former Senator Rick Santorum, actor and producer Kirk Cameron, Shirley Dobson, and video messages from Franklin Graham, and Dr. Fred Luter, the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“iPledge Sunday: A Call to Faith, Family, and Freedom,”the simulcast will gather Christians from across the country to celebrate Christian citizenship and exhort Christians to rise up on Election Day and make their voices heard. Over 2,000 churches and home groups are pledged to participate in what is expected to be the largest nationwide pre-election gathering of Christian voters.

Prior to the simulcast, FRC President Tony Perkins, Sen. Santorum, New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera and Bishop Harry Jackson will hold a news conference to pre-view the simulcast and discuss the role of values voters in this year’s election. Both can be streamed live online for those unable to attend in-person.

This is but the beginning of the onslaught that church-goers are in for. Scripted sermons, voter packages, voter drives, and lots of instructions to circumvent the separtion of church and state laws are already going out to clergy across the country. The bully pulpits are not going to wait…they will raise their ugly fists, spew their hell-fire and brimstone, and intimidate their brain-washed and cowed congregations into submission by November 6th, come hell or high-water.


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