The Christian Abyss

Traveling into the deep abyss that is Christian Nationalism often warrants a long, hot, shower – and, sometimes, a good stiff drink. First of all, I have to issue a caveat – I am not “anti-Christian.” actually, I accept many of the teachings of Christianity, just as I accept many of the tenets of Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, etc. So, before the hate-group that comprises the radical religious right cult of Dominionism goes completely off the rails, gathers their army and demonstrates just how “un-Christian” they are, let me discourage you by saying that I won’t change your mind, I know that. What I might do, however, is persuade those sitting on the fences and thinking about drinking your Kool-Aid, not to look into the abyss, but to walk into the light.

As you parade with your signs, protest against progress, and scream “Take America Back,” calling yourselves “Patriots,” and cherry-picking Bible verses that have no basis in the true, liberal, love of the teachings of Jesus, the real patriots are striving to move America Forward. Here, we will point to your hypocrisy, expose your true agenda, and lay you bare for judgement.


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